Monday, September 30, 2019

Running and cooking

 We had a great weekend.  Nothing big happened.  It was a nice low key weekend.  We have a ton planned for the next five weekends so it was nice to have an easy weekend at home.

Friday was our big boosterthon Fun Run at school.  It was weird only having one kid to watch this year but it's also really nice to only have one kid to focus on! I loved getting to watch Hollis! 

After school Hollis went to a birthday party for a friend.  They went to High Rise trampoline park.  The rest of us hung out at home and had dinner and played outside.  

Saturday morning Hollis had soccer.  She's playing defense now and she really likes it.  Her team is undefeated so far.   We came home and watched the Hogs lose AGAIN and then just had a nice day at home.  The kids played together and actually got along great and didn't watch TV all day.  What a delight! 

Yesterday morning Will Holden helped Scott cook breakfast before church.  He was so proud.  

How grown up does he look in this outfit? Sigh.  I put this on social media but the girls told me they caught him looking in the mirror this weekend and he was saying "I am a big boy. I AM a big boy.  Momma said so".  I laughed so hard for so long when they told me that.  I think it's the sweetest thing in the world.  I don't hate how much he loves me.  

Last night the GA's filled up popcorn bags to give out at First Friday on our town square this week.  We have a church tent set up and we give out drinks and snacks and other fun stuff.  It's a great way  for us to get out in the community.  

And now it's Monday.  We are ready for a new week! 

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