Monday, October 21, 2019

Disney Part one

We just spent a super fun week at Disney.  If you follow me on instagram - you know this. ha! But I wanted to recap our week for my own memory later on.  And if you love Disney or want to plan a trip  - maybe you will enjoy these posts! 

We left early Saturday morning.  It had been so hot for October and then we had a cold snap.  The morning we left it was 30 degrees.  We didn't want to mess with jackets so we had to run quick into the airport in our Florida shorts.  

This was Will Holden's first flight! We flew Allegiant which was GREAT! It was a direct 2 hour flight.  We had 2 smooth flights and no delays and no complaints! And it saved us about $1200. We may have to fly to the beach next time we go.

We were excited to finally be heading on our trip! 

Will Holden loved flying! 

We got to Orlando around noon.  We had a driver take us to our hotel.  It was about an hour from the airport to the resort.  We ate lunch and then got into our room.  

We took the bus to Disney Springs.  It was SO hot and we were tired and not all that hungry.  We had planned to eat dinner but after getting to Disney Springs - we started losing steam.  So we decided to go back to the hotel and swim and make it an  early night.  

We ate dinner at the hotel and then swam and watched the Razorback game and went to bed! 

We were up early the next morning! 

We took at uber to the Contemporary Resort to have breakfast at Chef Mickey's! 

This was a great breakfast and it was fun to meet all the main characters! Will Holden LOVED it! 

He really loved meeting all of them! He laughed and laughed! 

His favorite was Pluto! 

After breakfast we took the monorail to Magic Kingdom! 

We had to stop for a castle picture! 

Love this boy! 

We had fast passes for splash mountain and thunder mountain first thing.  I'm not a coaster girl.  I took one for the team and rode both of them and they about did me in. ha! 

We ate lunch at the Harbor house.  It was okay.  I don't love the quick service at Magic Kingdom but it's okay.  

The kids got ice cream later in the day and were happy.  It was SO hot! 

We met Rapunzel - if you know us - you know how WH never smiles well in pictures.  But just take notice that in every princess picture Will Holden has a great smile.  I'm not sure what this says.  ha! 

He wasn't looking at the picture but he still had a good smile.  We love Tiana! 

We spent all afternoon getting more fast passes and riding rides.  We didn't wait in line for anything long.  

This is Allison.  She reached out to me when Harper was born because she has a Harper and a Hudson.  We have always "known" each other for the last 10 years.  Then one of my best friends moved to San Antonio last year for her husband to work at a church and Allison just happens to be a member at that church.  And since then she and Maegan have become good friends.  It's such a full circle thing.  Her family was at Disney at the same time.  She told me they would all be in Cowboys clothes on Sunday.  We had messaged a few times but there were TEN MILLION people in the park so I gave up on seeing her.  But I spotted her family in the cowboys clothes go by and I FOUND HER! It was so fun and such a divine moment to get to see her! 

My girls are so brave. They love rides - the faster the better.  I'm such a chicken.  They rode Space Mountain with their dad.  

Will's favorite ride was Haunted Mansion.  We finished our day riding it again.  It was a long hot day and we walked a million steps.  It was a great start to the trip! 

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