Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Disney Part 2

Our 2nd day was Animal Kingdom.  This is probably our favorite park.  

Our favorite ride at Disney is Avatar.  It is mind blowing if you haven't been on it.  We had a fast pass for later in the week but we wanted to try and rope drop and get on it.  The park opened at 7 so we left before 6 to get to the park.  We got there around 6:25.  And it was already NUTS.  

We got in line but we ended up waiting almost 2 hours even getting there that early.  Will Holden was about an inch too short (and I don't think he could have handled it anyway) so we did rider share.  This is so great if you have a small kid that can't ride things.  One parent can take 2 guests to ride and the other parent who stays gets a fast pass along with 2 guests for any time that day.  So the girls won the prize - because they got to ride twice.  

The girls and I went the first round.  It was FOR SURE worth the 2 hour wait! 

Scott and the girls love Everest.  We had a fast pass for that and WH and I walked around Dino Land.  

The Ormons were at Disney the same time as us but with Steve's extended family.  We were at AK on the same day so we met up for a little while! 

Emily and Sarah Kate were with the cousins on Steve's side.  

We rode the safari ride.  It was a lot of fun! 

The memory maker is totally worth the money if you take advantage of all the photographers in the park.  It was so great to have so many pictures of our whole family without asking a random stranger and then winding up with an out of focus picture. ha! I HIGHLY recommend splurging! 


Will Holden was happy to see "uncle" Steve!

It was SOOOOOOO incredibly hot.  We had to break in the afternoon for Mickey Ice Cream.  We ate lunch at Yak and Yeti.  It was SO good.  I didn't take one picture there because I was so happy to be in the air conditioning eating lunch. ha! 

We spent all day at Animal Kingdom and had a great time! 

We ended the night eating at Rainforest Cafe and it was really good and the kids loved the atmosphere.  

Sadly around 2 a.m. - WH got sick all over the bed he and I were sharing.  ha! That's a fun way to wake up.  We had planned to get to Hollywood Studio at 6 a.m. for rope drop but we had to change our plans.  We decided to sleep in and see how he felt in the morning.  WH has a history of getting sick after eating too much or getting too hot.  He woke up the next morning and felt great.  So we decided to go on.  

Since we left later in the morning we thought we would try the skyliner.  They had closed the sky liner for a few weeks and reopened it Monday.  

The skyliner was AMAZING!!!! It was our favorite thing about disney.  It was the fastest form of transportation.  We got to parks in minutes.  And it was so fun to see things from the sky! Our hotel had the hub for the skyliners.  It went to Epcot and Hollywood studios and several resorts.  We decided we always want to stay at a resort that has the skyliner.  

When we got to Hollywood - the waits for Rock & Roller and Tower of Tower were super low and the girls and Scott loves those rides (NOT ME!) so they rode and WH and I got starbucks and walked around.  We rode Star Tours next.  

 I met a sweet follower from Oklahoma who is working this semester at HS.  She was so nice! I met a lot of people at Disney last week.  We were able to ride Slinky dog next. It was SO fun! It was way faster than I expected but I loved it! 

We had lunch plans at Sci Fi diner! We LOVED this meal.  The food was really good and it was a cool atmosphere.  You eat in cars.  The cars have three rows.  I sat in the back by myself (and I was happy to have a quiet moment to myself if I'm being honest. ha!) 

They show movies and cartoons and WH loved it! 

Had to get a family picture! 

The kids loved meeting Chip and Dale

Ride pictures are my favorite! 

We walked around the new Galaxy's Edge .  It was as hot as the surface of the sun this afternoon.  It was SO cool though even if you don't love star wars.  

There are no fast passes for the millennium falcon ride so we waited in line for 1.5 hours.  The ride was fun but honestly - I was a little underwhelmed.  It was no avatar.  But it was pretty cool.  They assign you roles and they gave WH the Pilot role.  He and Hollis sat in front and he spent the whole ride screaming "I'm SCARED. I don't know how to fly.  I can't be the pilot".  ha ha ha! 

After this we headed over to Toy Story land.  It's SO cute! Hollis wasn't thrilled about the Jessie dress I had for her even thought it was cool and comfy.  But all day people called her "Jessie" and she smiled more each time.  So she was excited to have her picture with Jessie and I think this picture is so cute! 

We stood in line forever to meet Woody and Bo Peep and WH didn't feel great again.  It was just SOOOO hot that day and I think it did him in.  So we left immediately after this picture and went back to the hotel and gave him a cool bath and put him in bed.  We ate sandwiches from the hotel and watched a movie and went to bed early.  He was better the rest of the trip.  

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