Thursday, October 24, 2019

Disney Part 3

Wednesday was our Epcot Day.  

The kids and Scott shared donuts as big as their heads and I had a nitro brew coffee which I discovered I'm not a fan of.  ha! 

The morning was overcast and so much cooler.  That alone made the day a great one! We rope dropped the park.  It opened at 9 and we were there at 8.  We rode the skyliner over.  We were at the front of the line so we were able to ride Soaring twice in about 20 minutes! Then we had a fast pass for test track and then Mission Space.  We rode everything we could and then went to walk around the countries.  

Instead of having a lunch that day - we used a bunch of snack credits and ate at all the food stations in the food and wine festival.  Harper LOOOOOVVVEEESSS Macarons so we had to stop in France for some.  

We also found Sleeping Beauty there and Hollis was dressed and ready to meet her! 

We didn't walk the countries last time we went to Disney so we really enjoyed it.  It rained on us and then got extremely humid and hot but it was fun to just walk and look for characters.  We met Elsa! 

And Anna.  And rode Frozen which is always fun.  

It was less crowded.  Epcot is under a lot of construction.  There are a lot of fun rides headed too Epcot.  It may rise up to my favorite park one of these days.  

That night we ate dinner at Le Cellier in Canada.  This is our favorite meal in all of Disney.  It's SO delicious.  It's two table credits but worth it.  Harper was on the adult dining plan (anyone over 9 is) and so she got a steak and felt very grown up.  We had Poutine as an appetizer and it was so good! 

After dinner, we rode a few rides.  Then we rode the skyliner home as the fireworks were going off and watched them from the sky.  This was my favorite day at Disney.  

We had planned to rope drop Animal Kingdom at 6 on Thursday but decided to "sleep in" and we got there at 8 instead.  It was cooler in the morning and not crowded at first and it was nice to walk around.  

We found HUGE cinnamon rolls near the safari.  There was no one around and we sat and had a quiet, cool breakfast! 

I MEAN! (No I didn't diet at Disney.  Memories over macros.  ha!) 

We had a fast pass for Everest but the wait was only 5 minutes so Scott and the girls rode twice while WH and I walked around.  

Everest is their very favorite ride at Disney.  You couldn't pay me to get on it. 

These girls! The ride pics of them were my favorite! 

We had a fast pass for Avatar next so Scott and girls went and I got a rider share pass for later in the day.  

I was looking at time hop while in line and found a picture EXACTLY two years earlier on this very day and Hollis was wearing snow white outfits in both.  It's crazy how much she has grown in 2 years. 

We ate lunch at Satuli Canteen in Pandora and it was really good! 

The girls and I rode Avatar and the Dinosaur Ride.  Those are my two favorite rides.  

We left Animal Kingdom and rode the bus to the wilderness lodge to have dinner with snow white.  

Story Book Dining with Snow White is a new character dinner and it was fun to try it out.  They bring you a selection of appetizers to try.  Shrimp, DELICIOUS mushroom soup in little cauldrons, and chicken sausage and crackers.  Interesting but they were good.  

The kids each got this fun appetizer plate.  The jar has honey butter for the muffin.  I loved the presentation.  

Snow White came to each table.  

and then Dopey came! 

Grumpy is Scott's spirit animal.  

Our dinner was so good and then they brought little desserts for us to sample.  This was a chocolate ganache "apple".  

And little layered trifles

And then we got to meet the queen.  She was so mean and funny.  She was such a great character.  I couldn't stop laughing.  She was furious that the kids were dressed in snow white costumes and asked who dressed them.  They blamed me! ha! 

This was probably my favorite overall meal.  The food and the experience together were great! 

We went back early after this and there was a laundry room near our hotel room so I did several loads and caught us up.  It was nice to come home with only a little bit of dirty clothes.  

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