Thursday, September 12, 2019

Holiday Time at Walmart

Yesterday I got invited to go to a Walmart Holiday showcase.  They had all kinds of home, fashion and food items set up and invited influencers to see what is coming at Walmart and for the holidays.  This was RIGHT up my alley.  If you know how much I love Walmart! And I'm biased because I live in Walmart town - but they have REALLY stepped up their game in the last few years.  

We were at a really pretty venue and they made it all beautiful! 

How great is that big sign? Most of these things will be hitting stores or online in the next few weeks! 

They had the prettiest food set up to encourage holiday entertaining! 

My friend Kinna is the buyer of cakes and desserts and she showed me that they have a bundt cake coming out in 2 weeks that looks just like the Bundt cake store (that we LOVE) and they are only $10 and beautiful! 

There were lots of different influencers there and I was thrilled to see Catherine Lowe there! I'm friends with her SIL Shay Shull and I loved her on the Bachelor.  But mostly - I love her sweet little family.  She was sooooooooooo nice and friendly.  It was just a small gathering so I thought that was so fun! 

I loved this couch and this green poof! The link they shared with us for the couch is for a similar couch but a little different than what is pictured.  (But I love it too).  The couch was super comfortable.  Here is the link for the green poof! It's really a giant pillow and it's only $12.  It comes in a lot of colors but that GREEN is so amazing! 

THIS is the coffee table they had! 

I ran into the girls who run Whoa Wait Walmart - are you following them? They are so great! They have a new magazine that released this week.  You have to pick it up when you go to Walmart! 

I'm not 100% sure this is the right tree - but it's very similar.  I love the flocked! 

If you saw my stories - you saw the amazing dining room table! What I didn't realize until I later looked it up - they had two of these tables put together so it formed almost a huge square! So if you have a big space - it's a great idea! Or you could just do one in a smaller space.  It's so pretty in person! 

Walmart has for sure come a long way in their style! I love being able to find cute stuff where I grocery shop for cheap prices!  (This was not sponsored in any way!! Totally my opinions!!!) 

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