Friday, September 13, 2019

Life Lately

We have had a great week despite the fact that it's a million degrees outside! ha! 

Hollis is taking art classes on Monday nights with her best friend from school.  She was so excited! 

While she was at art class, Harper and I got a workout in.  

Tuesday nights are for soccer.  I love sitting on the soccer field and watching my girl play.  Especially when it's not a thousand degrees.  

Wednesday Laurie and I went on a really long trail walk.  I took her on a trail she hadn't been on before and she loved it.  She kept stopping to take pictures. ha! We had a great time - it's always more fun to walk with someone.  

Harper's best friend's mom owns the best store downtown - Remedy Road.  They had a fun customer night Wednesday night so Harper and I went.  These two are so much fun.  

Yesterday had her first middle school field trip.  Notice she is wearing the same shirt Lillian had on in the last picture.  We got it at the store.  And it's perfect! 

Ten years ago exactly I had a little baby in a monogrammed dress on the beach.  Now she's wearing Nike shorts and loving middle school.  It's hard to believe how fast it really does go by! 

I got Hollis a "granny" wig for Halloween and WH put it on and it made me laugh so hard.  He looks like Hollis in this picture.  Love this kid.  

I'm excited it's Friday! Hope you have a great weekend! 

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