Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Sunshine Days

School starts in 6 days and we are gearing up! We have open houses today and tomorrow and find out our teachers which is always super exciting! We are trying to soak up our last few days of summer but it's a crazy busy time so I'm trying to find balance between work and fun! 

One thing I am looking forward to is being able to go to appointments without A. Taking 3 kids with me or B. Having to find a baby sitter.  There are times I can't find sitters so I end up taking kids with me to hair appointments.  Thankfully my stylist is a great friend  who has 3 kids the same age so she totally understands and we had the salon to ourselves so the kids were great to watch iPads and keep busy while they waited.  

And sometimes I bribe with donuts........ :-) 

Last week was Scott's turn to take the girls on a date.  The girls were SO excited to get alone time with daddy.  I love that they have a daddy who loves them so much and shows them how they should be treated.  

He took Hollis to our favorite Station for cheeseburgers.  

She's been wanting soccer slides so he took her to Academy to get some.  

And they played mini golf.  They had the best time together! 

We spent most of last week working at church for our church's clothing give away.  We sorted clothes and helped set up.  The kids had a blast.  I always worry they will not want to spend their days at church helping but they would have stayed a lot longer if I would have let them.  

Harper had her turn at a date on Thursday.  She picked Fish City Grill for her date.  

She wanted to visit the Apple store.  She loves looking at phones and iPads.  And they played mini golf too.  

I didn't take a picture but later that night - Laurie and I got asked to share our testimonies at a youth girls event.  I loved being around the teenage girls and their college leaders.  I have a special spot in my heart for that age girls.  

Friday I was in an all day meeting/training for my non-profit job.  I had to stop for coffee first.  Susan and I have a favorite place and we love the people there.  I didn't notice until I left that they wrote us special notes on our cups.  

Saturday morning we worked at the church at the clothing give away.  

These girls love working together! 

Afterwards we went to lunch and took the kids to Chuck E Cheese.  

Love this little sunshine boy.  He is a momma's boy 100% and I can't say I hate it.  

Sunday we went to church.  I snapped this picture before we left and it's my new favorite.  Probably mostly because Will Holden is actually smiling normal.  And they are holding hands and I didn't tell them to.  I feel so thankful every day that I get to spend my days raising these three extraordinary humans.  

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