Thursday, August 08, 2019

Beauty Pageant and Book Signings

Sunday night we went to watch Emily in the Benton County fair pageant.  She decided she wanted to try pageants and she did so great.  She's so beautiful and kind.  But I loved seeing how confident and poised she was! 

I held her when she was first born and now she is GROWN UP! 

She got 1st runner up in her age division.  We were so proud of her! 

Monday, Harper had her audiologist appointment.  Our appointments are so easy these days.  Her hearing is holding steady and it doesn't take long for her to test in the booth like when she was little.  She picked out cute new ear molds! 

My friend/boss Susan released her first book on Monday.  She wrote a devotional about relationships and as a therapist - it's a great one.  You can get the book here:

Monday night we had a book signing/ book release party for her.  It was SO much fun.  We had a huge crowd show up.  She signed books for over 2 hours.  

We had it at Tavola downtown and had a big cheese board.  It was beautiful and DELICIOUS! 

It was so fun to visit with everyone who stopped by! 

Laurie got new glasses and looks so cute! 

Lorrel and I sold books.  We didn't plan to dress alike but we were twins.  It was such a great night! 

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