Monday, August 12, 2019

Last Minute Vacay

School starts tomorrow so we tried to have last minute fun this weekend to end our summer.  We had planned to go to White water in Branson on Friday but then the weather showed storms so we rearranged our plans.  Since we had a free day Friday - I took the kids to do some things in town.  Harper has been asking about trying iced coffee all summer.  Apparently all the cool 5th graders like it.  So I got them a coffee at my local coffee stop.  Thankfully for my wallet - they weren't big fans.  Don't worry - it was decaf! :-) 

We have a new Climb place in our town that is really neat.  The kids have been wanting to go.  So we hit it early and we were some of the only ones there for a while.  

The kids loved it! We ended up staying for about 3 hours in the morning.  

I didn't climb but I had a great time visiting with the other moms and grandmas there.  Because it started getting crowded and I knew most of the people there.  It was one of those days that made me feel like I still live in a small town.  

Will Holden ran into some of his best buddies from church.  He was so happy.  He's my very most social kid.  He LOVES having friends.  And every where he go - he talks to people and then comes up to me and says "I made a new friend".  

We paid for a day pass so you can come and go all day.  We hated for Scott to miss all the fun so after dinner we went back so they could show their dad all their climbing skills.  Four hours of climbing was a good way to wear them out! 

Saturday we headed to Branson.  We have been wanting to go to an Imax movie and it didn't disappoint.  We loved it.  

Hollis always wants to sit by me at the movies.  

It was 485 degrees outside that day but we decided to ride go karts.  They had small ones that WH could drive and he loved it.

I was so hot at this point I could barely speak.  ha! We headed to our hotel after this to find some air.  We stayed at the Branson landing which was convenient because then we could walk to eat and shop.

This is WH when he gets tired of shopping.

Branson can be super cheesy but there are parts that are pretty and we like the Landing.

We love Cantina Laredo so we always eat there.

We walked around dinner and looked at the lake.

The guys went back early and we girls went shopping.  We hit all the girls' favorites - Justice, Claire's, and Bath and Body Works.

The next morning we headed to White Water.  It was supposed to storm all day but we decided to make the best of it.  It ended up being great weather.  I'm not a fan of water parks but the kids love it. WH and I hung out in the kid areas while Scott and the girls did slides.

We left there about 3 and ate a late lunch/early dinner before heading home.  Today is all about getting ready for school to start.  I can't believe our summer is over! 

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