Friday, August 16, 2019

A few random things for Friday

The ministry I work for is putting on this really fun one night conference if you are near Northwest AR.  You won't want to miss it.  This is for men and women - married or single. Really for anyone. There is going to be a panel of a male and female representing every number and will help you understand how to better relate to those around you - at work, friends, family and love relationships. I sat in on a meeting with the panel - and listening to everyone share was SO interesting! I can't wait!
You can get tickets here or at the door!

I found this shirt at Walmart the other day when I was buying groceries.  ha! It's so cute for right now when it's still 105 but the fall colors would be cute if you added a cardigan in the fall.  And it's only $15.  It also comes in a cream plaid.  

People keep asking me how FWTFL is going and I'm still doing it.  I have about 30 pounds to go so I will be on it for a while but I've lost 15 lbs and a lot of inches and I feel SO GREAT! I've not done a great job in the last week or so because life just got super crazy. I haven't had time to work out or track my macros - but I have it kind of down so I haven't gained any weight back.  I'm hoping to step up and really push hard for the next two months so I will be down quite a bit more before we go to Disney.  The motto is "memories over macros" so I will eat Disney treats and then just go back to the lifestyle after! That's a plan I can stick with long term! 

A new group is starting on Monday - if you are interested or thinking about it - click below! The great news is they have JUST gone through an update and the program is now 8 weeks long! It also comes with meal plans - shopping lists and recipes! So if you just want someone to tell you EXACTLY what to eat and how to work out - all you have to do is follow directions and you will LOSE! 

We have made it through our first week of school! Hollis loves third grade.  And Harper has literally never been happier.  She keeps saying "I just love my life" and can't stop beaming.  I love seeing her fly! 

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