Monday, May 13, 2019

Weekend Follies

Scott was out of town all last week at a work conference.  The kids and I had a lot of fun while he was gone.  We have a big Film Festival put on by Geena Davis every May and so Thursday after school, we headed to downtown to see all the fun but then it started raining.  So we went to eat instead before going home.  The girls took turns sleeping with me all week which was so great because normally I can't sleep when Scott's gone but I slept hard all week.  

I picked Scott up from the airport in the afternoon on Friday and then we got the kids.  It was a beautiful day so we all headed to get some BFF action.  

They have free popcorn and drinks and movies and chairs set up so you can watch. 

We were having a great time but Will Holden got restless so we left during the most suspenseful part of the movie.  

There were all kinds of fun vendors like Barbie with things to check out.  Coke gave out the fun sunglasses the kids were wearing.  

And of course M&M's.  

We went home and had dinner at home and a nice Friday night at home.  

Saturday it rained so soccer was cancelled and we had a slow, lazy morning.  Harper decided to give Hollis a spa day.  She put on this relaxing music and soaked her feet and brought her special refreshments.  It was sweet.  They did masks and were giggling.  It was one of those days where they were getting along so well.  

It was pretty cold and gloomy for May but we got ready and headed out.  

First stop was Chuck E Cheese.  We sort of love going there.  You can play as much as you want for an hour and we get in a lot for that hour.  I can play as much skee ball as I love! :-) Then we went to eat dinner before coming home and trying to watch Star Wars after baths.  We will be at Disney World right after the new Star Wars addition opens so we want them to know a little about it.  

This morning I woke up to sweet signs all over my door from the kids.  Scott and the kids sent me flowers Saturday.  

And while I took a shower, Will Holden made my bed for me.  He was speaking my love language! I love a made bed.  I'm really trying to raise him to be a good husband! 

Scott never cooks but he made pancakes for breakfast and they were really good! 

We headed to church and had to stop for a few pictures! 

This was three years ago when we dedicated Will Holden.  It's crazy how much he's grown.  He's so big now! 

We had some fun at home this afternoon and I got out and took a long walk which is what I wanted to do on my Mother's day afternoon.  And then of course, like a mother, I went to walmart and grocery shopped.  But I went alone so it was a treat! 

I'm so thankful for these three kids.  They are more amazing than I could ever have dreamed for myself.  I'm in awe of who they are.  It's an enormous honor to be their mom.  

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