Thursday, May 09, 2019

Feet and Food Trucks

It's the end of school and teacher appreciation and all the things right now.  We have a lot going on but it's a lot of fun stuff! 

Monday I had Moms and Muffins at WH's preschool! He was so excited! And so was I! 

I love this boy! 

Tuesday, he and I had a free day at home.  I told him if I could clean hard on the house for a few hours in the morning - I would take him to a park.  So we went to a park around 10:30.  I saw it on someone's IG story.  It's in Hiwasse (for my local friends) and it was completely empty and so nice.  There is a walking trail around the park.  A mom HAD to have designed it.  I could walk and keep my eyes on him the entire time.  It's perfect! Plus it was fire themed! 

While we were there, my friend called and asked if WH could come over for a play date.  This was his first time to go alone to someone's house.  He's a lot younger than her little boy but they have the BEST time together.  They both have 2 older sisters and are a lot alike.  WH had the time of his life.  He's been begging to go back so we may have to have a regular play date.  

Since I suddenly had an unexpected alone time - I went on a long trail walk and then ended with a late lunch at a food truck I hadn't tried before.  Cracker Jack is SO good.  It's gourmet versions of comfort food.  The owner was so nice and friendly and the food was DELICIOUS! 

I had a BLT salad on cornbread.  And a crawfish pie! I wanted to taste both.  I wasn't wrong! 

Bentonville has a film festival every may that is hosted by Geena Davis.  We have all these movies playing everywhere and celebrities and a festival.  It's so weird but fun.  They were setting it up when I was walking around town.  

Tuesday night Hollis had her first tournament game.  

We told her if she scored a goal she could have ice cream after.  She scored and just missed 2 more goals by inches.  She has come a long way this season.  I'm so proud of her.  She's going to soccer camp at the U of A this summer.  I'm hoping she will want to keep playing.  

This week has been wearing this boy out.  He gets in my bed every night to watch TV after his bath and he's been falling asleep as soon as he gets in there.  Sweet boy. 

If you know me - you know that I have the WORST feet ever and I struggle to find shoes.  I finally broke down and ordered this pair of birkenstocks.  They are actually cute and they are like walking on clouds! My feet are so comfortable in them.  For once, I'm not in constant pain.  (I got new tennis shoes too and they KILL my feet.  Tennis shoes are the WORST for me).  So if you only see me in Birkenstocks for the rest of my life - this is why.  

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