Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Just a few things

I got this dress I wore on Mother's Day at Old Navy.   It was 50% off in store when I got it and came in a couple of colors.  I love it and it's super comfortable.  I will be wearing it a lot this summer! 

I was looking for something similar and found a really cute line at Walmart called Textile.  It's online only I think.  But these are some of my favorite dresses.  This one looks so comfortable.  

I'm a ruffle girl so I LOVE this! 

 This looks so comfortable.  This is the kind of dress I could live in all summer!

I'm over on @themamawell on instagram today in their stories.  You need to follow them if you aren't already.  They feature different moms every week from all kinds of backgrounds and stories and they share their mom journey.  I have found so many wonderful people on there! 

We have nine days of school left and I think there is something for me to be at every one of those days so we are just trying to coast to the end! I hope y'all are having a good week! 

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