Monday, May 20, 2019

It's Gonna Be May

We are packing as much fun into May as we can.  It's been so busy but also so good! 

Will Holden had a field trip to the park last week.  They got to play and have a picnic and I got to be there! He was SO proud! They made these tie dye shirts to wear.  I had fun visiting with the other moms and watching WH have fun! 

I ran into Walmart one night to grab a few things to work on a school project and as I came in - the manager was yelling out "All our computers are down -we can take cash only".  Luckily I hadn't put one thing in my buggy but there were people everywhere with full carts looking confused.  I had to leave and go to another store but first I ran into one of my best friends and we had to have a good laugh at how we all depend on our cards.  

The second grade always does diorama projects after studying all the symbols of Arkansas.  Hollis picked to do hers on the AR state insect - the honey bee.  So we worked on it as a family and helped her! 

It turned out pretty cute! 

Will Holden got to have his friend Colt over to play.  (Do you see how dirty his feet are?)  I took them to a couple of parks and to eat lunch.  They had so much fun playing.  

Thursday night, Harper had middle school preview night.  She has been so excited about going to middle school.  Our middle school is 5th and 6th grade.  It's a big change because they change classes.  And in the 6th grade they get lockers - that's what she is really ready for! ha! 

I can tell she is aging.  I envisioned us walking together - just the two of us - holding hands and looking at the classes.  But she took off with her best friends and was racing around and I just followed.  She has a lot of great friends that will be with her so I'm excited for her.  

She signed up for middle school choir! It's going to be a good year! Meanwhile - Hollis was playing in a semi final soccer game so we had to split up and Scott went with her.  She won and scored a goal! 

Friday was Field Day.  Harper's grade had it in the morning and Hollis in the afternoon.  So I dropped by for about an hour for each session to see the girls.  

So thankful for all the good friends they made this year.  It was HOT and they had a great time! 

We picked them up from school and headed to Branson for the weekend! I will share about that tomorrow! This is the last week of school and it's PACKED full of stuff! 

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