Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter 2019

Our Easter weekend kicked off on Friday.  Our schools don't get out for Good Friday.  I guess most places do - but we don't.  Our preschool does so Will Holden was home and Scott had the day off.  Harper had the stomach virus most of last week so I kept her home on Friday just to keep her germs away.  She was totally fine thankfully.  

Hollis had a fun field trip on Friday.  They got to go to a lot of businesses downtown and hear about what they do and meet the mayor.  She loved it.  

Mean while the rest of us went to lunch and to Cabela's.  This was me at Cabela's.  I had to sit down while the others looked.  I can only look so much at hunting and fishing gear. ha! 

We picked up Hollis from school and went to see Dumbo.  I loved it.  I have heard people saying it was sad but I didn't really think it was.  I didn't cry.  It was kind of sweet sad but just well done.  

We are spoiled by the theatre with recliners - you can't get us to go to any other theaters anymore.  

Hollis always wants to be my "movie partner" and sit by me and I will always take her up on that! 

Our church had Good Friday services but we decided not to go because Will Holden would have never sat still during it and it didn't start until 7 and would have just been a disaster with him.  

Saturday was a GORGEOUS day.  It was sunny and warm.  We got out and went on a family walk.  Then we got ready and went over to our friends' house.  They always have a big dinner and Easter egg hunt the Saturday of Easter weekend.  

The kids have so much fun hunting eggs and playing with each other. 

We were missing two of our regular families this year but we had the best time! 

We had the best dinner and it was the perfect night to eat outside.  My friend Marci lives on a hill on land and it's GORGEOUS.  

And they have a heated pool so after dinner, the kids swam for hours. They had the BEST time! And we parents just sat around the pool and got to visit.  

Every Easter that I can remember has been cold and rainy but this year God just showed off! It was 82 on Sunday and Sunny and beautiful.  

We went to the early service yesterday.  And then we headed over to the Ormon house for our traditional KFC lunch.  

Happy Easter from Laurie and Frisco (Krsiten was hiding thank goodness).  

After lunch - they all lined up and played video games.  Laurie and Steve are getting new floors and new furniture this week so we were sitting on kitchen chairs.  Laurie also said we could throw down anything we wanted on the carpet but we resisted.  ha! 

We have spent every Easter lunch with the Ormons for the last 13-14 years.  It's a tradition I love.  It's so hard to believe that we once had these tiny girls on our couch.  

Back when the heads were full of big bows. 

And more bows.  

Somehow they coordinated this year.  Emily is a teenager and Will Holden is the sole boy but he runs the place.  I'm so thankful for this FRAMILY.  And I'm thankful for a risen Saviour.  

I hope you had a good Easter! 

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