Thursday, April 25, 2019

Happy Birthday Will Holden

My baby boy is FOUR !!!! He always says he “wants to get big like a brother”. Which I tell him he IS a brother but I think he is thinking of his sisters who are big. He has to start every morning with chocolate milk and snuggles with mom. He’s never met a stranger. He makes everyone we see his friend. I get tickled at how kids everywhere yell “WILL HOLDEN” in their little voices at him. He dances all over the aisles of Walmart while I try to shop. He’s obsessed with robots. He loves going to school or church or anywhere he can be around people. He adores his sisters and one of them sleeps with him every night. He is full of energy and NEVER stops talking. I can’t imagine life without him. Well I imagine it might be a lot easier but it wouldn’t be near as much fun. I love you Will Holden - you are my best boy forever.

He had a great birthday yesterday.  He went to school and was excited to go despite his face here! 

I always think back to the day the kids were born on their birthdays.  Will Holden's birth day was one of the best of my life.  I love this first picture of my three babies all together.  What gifts they are to me! 

Will Holden got to go on his very first field trip today.  They walked downtown and had ice cream cones.  They wore tie dyed shirts they made recently.  

Will Holden wanted a chocolate cake.  He wasn't having a big party this year - just our family so I picked up one up walmart.  I should have had them personalize it but I thought maybe I could just do it.  The candles on the cake were already there.  I know.  I know.  I'm probably not going into cake decorating any time soon.  But he loved the cake so I guess that's all that matters.  

Will Holden wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday.  Instead of a party this year - we decided to just go as a family.  The girls may have had as much fun as he did.  He also wanted to eat pizza but I didn't want CEC pizza so we went to a different place beforehand.  

I actually really like CEC.  Especially on a week night.  It  wasn't busy and they have a great deal now - instead of tokens or cards that you get a set amount of games - you can buy cards for a time frame.  We bought 2 cards that each had 45 min on them and we shared them.  We could do all the games we wanted and 45 minutes was PLENTY of time.  

Will Holden had the best time! He was a happy boy! 

Our cards ran out literally the minute Chuck E came out.  Will Holden danced with him and then we cashed in our tickets for those high dollar prizes! ha! 

We came home and he opened his presents.  He was thrilled with what he got! 

And then he ate his fancy cake. He told me "I've had a good day".   

When he was born I was a little nervous about going through baby and toddler days again.  Those are not my favorite years.  I kept thinking "if I can just get him to four.........".  I feel like 4 is a game changing year.  And he really has reached a good place.  And it really did come quickly.  He's a sweet, loving little boy and I'm so glad he's mine! 

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