Friday, April 26, 2019

Life Lately

The countdown to the end of school has begun! We have 4 weeks left. When our school has 26 days left - they assign each day a letter and do something fun each day with that letter. So we started with of course A for Arkansas day. It’s a fun way to celebrate the end of the year. Thursday was D for dance party at recess. Just little things like that!

We are having such great spring weather. We try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Everything is green and blooming! 

Tuesday we went to our last Bible study for the season.  We have been doing "Job" by Lisa Harper.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It was SOOO good.  Especially if you have been through any kind of suffering.  Or even if you haven't.  I was in a group with women who have lost children and husbands and have had a lot of hard things.  I often felt guilty that my "hard" wasn't all that hard and maybe I shouldn't be in there or speak.  But God is always preparing us for suffering we are in or will be in and is ever present and I learned so much.  Lisa Harper is a WONDERFUL teacher. Maybe my favorite ever.

I had to take a pitcture of Will Holden and Millie Mae in the nursery.  This is Caroline's daughter if you have followed me a long time.  Aren't they cute? BRB - scheduling their wedding now! 

There is a sweet older lady named Jenny in my group and we had met at a coffee shop.  She went to the counter and came back with a sack of 3 cookies she wanted me to give to my kids.  She is always so sweet and tells me how much she loves seeing my kids on facebook.  She comments on every post I make.  She recently lost her husband and has been through a tough time and yet she is always SO joyful.  She is a real inspiration to me.  And she blessed me so much with that gesture. 

We are having the best soccer season.  I will be sad for it to end.  Hollis is on such a good time and she has really improved.  

My parents came yesterday to see Will Holden and bring him birthday presents.  They took us to lunch and then stuck around to see the girls after school.  My dad just had shoulder surgery so he's in that sling and can't drive and is in a lot of pain but he isn't letting him hold him back.  His sling does have a handy phone pocket so there is that.  ha! He has to wear it 24/7.  

Harper has declared she wants to be a teacher.  She's just SO good with little kids.  We have some new neighbor boys who WH is obsessed with.  He wants to play outside with them every single chance he gets.  He sobbed when I made him come inside last night.  Harper had one of them yesterday in the drive way and was teaching him to read. ha! She's so kind and patient.  

If you have any teachers you need to buy end of the year gifts for or teacher appreciation - Life and Laundry has the CUTEST teacher shirts.  And you can get 30% off with the code MRSKELLYSTAMPS which makes them around $15! It's a perfect gift! 

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