Monday, April 29, 2019


Our women's ministry had a retreat in Fayetteville this weekend at Mount Sequoia.  This is a campground that has been around for about 100 years.  It's REALLY pretty.  It's up on top of a mountain and you can see out over all of Fayetteville and the U of A campus at the edge near this cross.  This cross lights up at night and is a landmark.  I love it there! 

I'm on women's council so I got there early to set up and be ready for everyone! 

We had almost 100 women come.  They came Friday afternoon.  We had a really great dinner by a chef that used to be at a restaurant in Bentonville.  Then we had a worship service.

We were in one building and in the building next to us was some kind of fraternity initiation or something.  We saw all of these guys in suits and decided they were too old to be going to prom and too many of them for it to be a wedding.  It's right near U of A so we finally decided it was a frat plus there was some guy in a monk robe looking thing and it all looked straight out of a movie.  Their building didn't have a bathroom so the boys kept coming over to use our bathroom and I would get tickled when they came in and looked a little nervous to see a bunch of women singing and praying! 

Some of the buildings are super old but so pretty.  We had a great time.  We went to bed around midnight.  I heard some houses stayed up a lot later but I'm old and tired. ha! 

Saturday morning we had a time when you could choose from making a craft, learning some hospitality tricks or taking a trail walk.  I picked the walk and it was great but it was totally in the woods and was super muddy so it was trickier than I expected.  But we had a great time and managed to take a selfie in the woods! 

Our speaker for the weekend was Darla Baerg.  She is a GREAT speaker and was so full of laughter and wisdom.  We loved her.  I had met her the last time she came and she's so sweet! The theme of our weekend was Faith Full.  She spoke on Hebrews and living a life of faith.  

Laurie and I actually were on her podcast last year talking about friendship! 

I came home Saturday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day just hanging around the house.  

Yesterday  morning we headed to church.  As we were walking in, Harper said "my stomach hurts".  It's not that uncommon so I sent her on to children's church.  And just as I sat down in church, my phone rang and it was my friend who worked in children's church.  Harper threw up.  Bless her.  So since we were all in one car - we just ended up leaving and coming home.  She was totally fine the rest of the day.  

I had to go to a meeting for VBS in the afternoon and Hollis went to get ice cream with the GA's.  And then we were all about getting ready for a new week.  Just four weeks of school left and we are ready for it! 

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