Friday, April 19, 2019

Life Lately

Here is just a little of what we have had going on lately! 

Both my girls have a TON of hair.  Hollis has long, thick hair but she likes to wear it in a ponytail every day.  Harper's is SO thick and heavy.  She decided she would like a shorter cut and have it thinned out.  So we went to a friend of a friend and had it done last week.  It looks SO cute and she looks a little older! 

Will Holden had Dad and Donuts at preschool last week.  Can you tell how excited he was? He has been waiting his turn for all his "big boy" things.  

Scott's parents came on Wednesday to help Scott while I was on my trip and he was at work.  They brought birthday presents for Hollis, Scott and Will Holden (who all have birthdays within a few weeks of each other).  

We celebrated Wednesday night! 

While I was gone, the kids had a great time with their grandparents - including making cupcakes! 

It went downhill a little on Saturday when Hollis came down with the stomach bug.  

Harper had a solo in the church musical on Sunday night.  She did so good! I'm so proud of her and her love for music.  

I kept Hollis home from school on Monday even though she felt okay.  She had been sick on Sunday so I didn't want to pass germs.  She wore her souvenir t-shirt and I think enjoyed a day at home with me.  

One of my friends gave us all these headbands for taking off our makeup and Hollis immediately stole it.  She sleeps in my shirts every night - and the headband.  

Harper came down with the stomach bug on Monday night so I kept her home on Tuesday.  She seemed to get better Tuesday and was fine Wednesday so I sent her to school. 

Will Holden had and Easter Egg hunt at school on Wednesday.  It's a month full of fun things at preschool and he is HERE FOR IT! Gingham and that boy just have my heart! 

One of Harper's good friends turned 10 on Wednesday and Harper got to go home with her and then they went to High Rise and Chickfila.  She had a great time.  They have a fun group of girls in their class.  I'm hoping they will all stay friends in middle school.  

Here they are celebrating her birthday back in first grade! Three years sure went by quick! 

Jackson Hole was so spectacular and I couldn't get over how beautiful it was! 


But I have to say that Arkansas in the spring time is pretty beautiful too! I wish the trees would stay this pretty all year long - but maybe I wouldn't appreciate them as much if they did!

Happy Good Friday! We are spending our weekend remembering how thankful we are for a Saviour who died for us but who rose again.  I will never get over what a gift that is!

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