Thursday, April 18, 2019

More Jackson Hole

You can read part 1 of our girls trip to Jackson Hole HERE

So to continue on........after lunch we walked around and hit the stores.  

We took pictures around town.  

We stopped in for coffee at Cowboy Coffee.  

And we had to get a picture under the antler arch! 

We went back to the condo.  We decided to take a walk in the Elf Refuge.  Maegan had to do some work and Laurie didn't want to walk so the other 4 of us set out.  I was so excited to get some fresh cold air and a walk in.  I love walking outside.  Especially with this kind of scenery.  

This was the only time I was kind of cold on the trip but after walking a while I had to take off my coat and hat because I got hot.  

We saw horned sheep up on a hill near us! Can you spot them? 

It was just such a pretty day for a walk.  

For dinner that night we went to Orsetto - which is an Italian place.  The food was pretty good but the service wasn't too friendly.  We adored JH and everything about it but I think the people are just WAY more reserved than what we are used to.  We are used to being super friendly and talking to everyone we see which is what people do in AR but people would either stare at us or not respond.  I know it's a cultural thing but it can be hard to get used to. 

Jackson Hole mostly has non chain restaurants which is what I LOVE.  I'm not a fan of chains if you can have local food instead.  Laurie, however, is a chain lover.  And she was thrilled when she spotted a Dairy Queen.  

So we drove her though a drive thru for a blizzard after dinner.  ha! Of course we did! 

As we were driving home in the dark - there were mule deer everywhere.  In all the yards we passed. They came out in droves at night.  

Saturday morning my friend Maegan wanted to curl my hair.  I never wear my hair curly but I LOVED it.  She has a special iron.  I'm thinking of getting one.  If I get one and can do my own hair - I will have to share it!! Mae should have been a cosmetologist.  

We headed out for breakfast at the Bunnery.  I had quiche and it was really good! 

Maegan got us all t-shirts to wear.  What is a good girls trip without matching shirts? 

Love these girls.  We decided to try and see the Grand Tetons and as much as we could of the parks.  

We stopped off at the visitor center in the Tetons. It snowed a LOT on Saturday and it was just a beautiful day! 

I took a ton of pictures of scenery.  I will try not to bore you but it was just so pretty.  

We stopped often for pictures! 

The great part about the area being so empty is we could take pictures in the middle of the street if we wanted.  

Thankfully there are bathrooms along the way.  We found this one but there was a huge snow drift in front so we had to climb it to go.  But we did! I'm thankful no one got video.  ha! 


It was just the BEST day.  Also please take note of Rachel (on the end)'s fanny pack.  She's been wearing fanny packs since WAY before they were cool.  

We had a big expedition and we spent the whole day in it.  We listened to fun music and just drove all around exploring.  It was so much fun.  No kids saying "are we there yet" or "I'm thirsty" or "MOOOOOOOOOOOOM".  

Not bad for a phone camera and a remote watch.  

We really wanted to see a bear.  We had heard they were just coming out of hibernation.  Steve wanted Laurie to have bear spray but it's expensive and I don't think anyone is going to stand there long enough to spray the bear.  We were told places to look and never saw one.  As we were coming back to town, we came upon a ton of cars on the side of the road so we stopped and asked what was going on and they said a bear had JUST come out probably 10 minutes before.  One lady showed us a picture on her iPad.  They said it might come back out so we waited for a while but never did.  

We ended back at the Merry Piglet that night for mexican again.  It was our favorite spot.  We went back to our condo and visited and then went to bed.  

This was our condo.  Sunday morning, Laurie had an earlier flight so Marci and I took her to the airport and then we came back and got ready and then we went back to Persephone Bakery for breakfast again.  

One last breakfast and then we headed to the airport to start back home.  It was the easiest airport to get through.  We got home that night and it was so good to be home but what a gift to have spent several days with my best friends in such a great place! 

Special thanks to my in-laws and Scott for keeping the kids while I was gone.  Especially since Hollis came down with a horrible stomach bug on Saturday.  And then Harper ended up with it on Monday so welcome back home to me! I was glad I had a few days of refreshing before I faced the stomach bug.  Hopefully it's all over for a while! 

I want to take the kids to JH and Yellowstone in the summer at some point - when WH gets a little older. I would love to go with Scott during the off season some time.  He would love the quiet and peace and scenery! ANYONE would! You should all go! 

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