Friday, March 01, 2019

Tacos and Testimonies

 One of our favorite women's events we have every year at our church is Tacos and Testimonies.  I shared a few pictures yesterday when we were decorating and so many people asked me questions I thought I would share all the details.  FEEL FREE to copy and take to your churches! I know most women's ministries are always looking for new ideas for events and I love sharing! 

It's a free event and we don't do any sign ups.  We have a great group of women who cook for us.  They make the taco bar.  We have chips and salsa on the tables and we had brownies for dessert.  

My friend Marci headed up decorating! She did it with a fiesta theme and it was so colorful and cute! 

Several of us met up yesterday morning to decorate.  

We even had a big taco piñata!! 

Will Holden was a trooper. He played the whole time we set up and had the best time! He was really good! 

Three of my sweet friends - Marci, Kerry and Amanda. 

Our event starts out in our family life center/gym.  It starts at 6 and was over around 8:30.  Everyone comes in the gym to eat.  We eat and visit and Laurie gave away door prizes.  One of the winners got to whack the piñata! ha! After about 45 minutes - everyone moves into our sanctuary.  

This is my friend Kelly.  She is one of the ones who shared her testimony last night.  Kelly is 42 and super healthy and fit and last summer she had a massive stroke.  She wasn't able to talk or walk or use one side.  She spent several months in rehab and in therapy and now she is back to normal.  She will tell you she still has a few residual issues but overall - she is just a walking miracle.  There was a point when I was terrified she might not live.  It happened around the same time as VBS and a lot of us would gather in the mornings to pray for her.  Every time I see her - I'm thankful for God's grace in her life.  She just went back to teaching this week! 

Susan and our friend Andrea.  Andrea was our main speaker and she shared her story of adoption and her struggle with Dyslexia.  She has written several books and speaks.  She has a great story! 

We had a great crowd! 

Our youth praise team led us in worship.  The other woman who shared her story was the guy's mom.  Andrew has had cancer and now uses his story to lead worship and share Christ.  

We had worship, two video testimonies and then Andrea spoke.  Every year we have a speaker who shares their testimony and then women in our church who do video testimonies. We have heard so many amazing stories of God's grace.  

It takes a team of women to put these events on.  I'm thankful for all of those who volunteer their time and talents.   We usually host a Mugs and Muffins in the fall which is a Saturday morning event and then a Sweet Retreat where we have a speaker and desserts.  This year we are hosting an overtime retreat about 30 min away for the first time in about 10 years.  I'm looking forward to it! 

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