Monday, March 04, 2019

WHAT? It's March! I can not believe it! This year is just flying on by! 
This is what we have been up to! 

On Monday - my friend Marci had our little friend circle over for breakfast.  We were celebrating mine and my friend Kerry's birthdays.  Which by the way were in December.  But that's how life has been going.  Everyone has been busy or sick for 2 months.  We text and marco polo every day but it's hard to all get in the same place.  We had the best time.  We stayed until lunch.  I love these friends of mine - I'm so blessed to have them! 

I had a mammogram on Monday also.  I think I somehow skipped last year.  It's SO awkward and uncomfortable to have a mammogram but it's so necessary! 

Last week it got warm so we tried to get out and walk after school! Monday we got on a new trail and walked 4 miles! 

Tuesday I started a new Bible Study! I love Lisa Harper and I think this is going to be such a good study! 

It was fun to see one of my IG friends Sarah sharing her story on the video.  And what a sweet story she shared - the women in the room with me were sobbing! 

I found a fiddle leaf fig at Walmart this week for $17.  I love it.  These can be EXPENSIVE so I'm proud to find one at a good price.  They had these white planters for $13 and I loved them. I need to get a few more! 

I bought this one at Walmart last summer and I'm so proud it's still alive.  I have a BLACK THUMB. I seriously kill all plants.  This one was doing fine until summer and then it started dying until someone suggested they don't love air conditioning and to put it outside.  It loved the Arkansas heat.  I kept it out until it got cold in the fall and then brought it back in.  I only water it maybe once a week.  

Friday night Scott and Steve went to a men's retreat with church.  Laurie and Emily went to a girls' retreat.  So we picked up Sarah Kate after school to spend the night.  Joseph and his family picked up Hollis and took her bowling and to eat dinner.  She had the best time.  

Saturday I took the kids to lunch and to Target to get slime supplies.  They came home and made slime and had a great time being together.  

Yesterday morning we woke up to a dusting of snow.  They cancelled church so we slept in a little and had a lazy day.  It was nice to have a slow day.  I caught up on laundry and got a few things done.  

After lunch the kids went outside and played for a while.  It was SO bitter cold that they couldn't stay long.  

The girls baked cookies.  We had a fun time together.  And now we are ready for spring to come! 

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