Monday, February 25, 2019

Parties, Musicals and Warehouse sales

Last Thursday my friend Amy from Euna Mae's had a big warehouse sale so I met two of my friends and we lined up about 30 minutes before it started.  It was CRAZY and also COLD.  And I had Will Holden with me.  

He was actually really great.  Another store I love was having a warehouse sale the same day but I decided not to put him through that.  ha! 

I love these friends! 

I also love Amy! She's the best! 

That afternoon - I met two guys about a project we are working on.  We met at the newest place in town. It's a really neat spot but SUPER HIPSTER.  The place was full of millennials working on laptops or in meetings and here I came with my 3 kids. ha! I felt like they were all staring at me like in Sweet Home Alabama when she says "you brought a baby to a BAR?"  ha! The kids were great - I got them snacks and they had iPads and they did awesome! 

That night was the 2nd grade musical at school.  

Hollis and some of her besties! 

Hollis had a few lines in the show.  I was so proud of her.  She was SO shy and scared when she started kindergarten and now she's so confident! 

Someone sent the most beautiful arrangement to my church for me anonymously thanking me for Singles Day.  I'm hoping if it's you - that you see this so I can publicly thank you.  I'm not doing Singles Day for thank yous!!! I just am praying I can use my platform to help others! I guess this is my calling.  It's not building wells or helping the homeless or something that really seems like it matters.  But I guess helping people start families matters! :-) 

Saturday Hollis went to an ice skating party for a school friend.  I got to visit with some of the moms and I enjoyed it so much! 

Hollis has a really great group of girls in her class this year and I've been so thankful for that! Sadly - our town is growing so fast that they are constantly rezoning so so many of her friends will be going to a different school next year.  At least they will meet back up in middle school! 

Harper spent the night with a school friend Saturday night.  This was her first time to spend the night with anyone other than Sarah Kate.  This is a real sweet girl and I love her family too.  And Harper had the BEST time! But she came home exhausted! ha! We picked her up for church yesterday morning and she came home from lunch and went straight to bed and took the first nap she has probably taken in 8 years. ha! 

We took the other two out for dinner and then ice cream on Saturday night.  We had a great time.  

We have had a great week! 

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