Friday, March 08, 2019

Mickey and Camp

We ended up with a surprise snow day on Monday.  They had announced on Sunday night that school would be in session and then my phone rang at 5 a.m. letting us know it was cancelled.  It had snowed a tiny bit over night - enough to make roads slick but it was also 5 degrees which I wonder if that didn't have a lot to do with the cancellation.  Either way - we enjoyed our day off.  We stayed home until it warmed up to 20 degrees and then we got out and went to Target and ran a few other errands.  

My girls had signed up to work in our local food pantry on Tuesday after school with a church group.  I had planned to just drop them off but last minute decided to stay.  To my great surprise - one of our hardest workers was Will Holden.  He LOVED helping.  We were making toiletries bags and he took it very seriously.  

The girls loved it too.  They asked if we could start helping more regularly so I'm looking into it.  They also have asked lately about visiting the nursing home.  Some of these things can seem uncomfortable to me - but watching them lead and want to serve inspires me.  I want to foster that even when it makes me feel awkward.  

Honestly - I felt bad for how I underestimate what Will Holden is capable of.  I tend to write him off and think I can't do a lot of things with him along and he really is a good kid and growing so quickly. I've had to take him along to a lot of meetings and things lately (part time working mom problems) and he always surprises me! 

Friends that work together - stay together! 

We aren't going to Disney until October but I'm just so excited already! I'm gathering up Disney outfits a little at a time.  I went to a resale shop on Wednesday and found the two top shirts for $2 a piece! Score! I found 3 monogrammed "Will" Mickey shirts on a facebook resale group for a steal too! So WH is pretty much set! I love hunting for deals! 

Yesterday I had a meeting at one of my favorite places on earth - Camp Siloam.  

I had to take Will Holden and he was so great.  He played in a corner with toys for over two hours while we met.  Except for the moment when he broke out singing "Baby Shark" super loud (and people laughed) - he was so great.  

I've never been to camp in the winter.  It was weird to be cold and see dead trees.  It's usually so green and SO hot.  

Scott works in Siloam Springs so we met him for lunch after.  We enjoyed a little lunch date with him.  

We are celebrating Hollis' birthday a week early this weekend because of spring break so we are looking forward to Saturday! 

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