Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Books you need!

I've gotten a lot of great books lately and I thought I would share some with you! Bible studies for tween/teen girls, a child's book and books on marriage and parenting.  I highly recommend all of these depending on what you are looking for!

Annie Downs is one of my favorite people ever.  I taught her Bible Study "Looking for Lovely" last year and it was one of my favorite ones I have done (if you are looking for something to do - it was SO great!)  And she just came out with this book and also a Bible Study for younger girls.  Annie really has her thumb on teen girls - she gets them.  This would be great to buy for your daughter or even better - do it with her! 

This is another great Bible study to do with your daughter or grab a group of moms and girls and do it all together! Catherine Bird has written a couple of these "Girls of Grace" studies.  I'm planning to do this one with Harper and Hollis this summer.  Hollis might be a tiny bit young but she always wants in with what we do.  ha! 

This is the sweetest book by Matthew Turner.  It would make a great gift or just a book for your child to read to them.  

I love Karen Ehman.  I have read a lot of her books and studies.  She has a new book on marriage that is so practical and helpful and encouraging.  I actually was honored to write an endorsement in the book.  If you have been married 6 months or 26 years - this will be a book you will want to read! Marriage is ALWAYS a work in process. Or should be! 

Wynter Pitts was an "internet" friend of mine who I adored.  She passed away last summer just weeks after turning in this book she wrote with her pastor husband on marriage. They had just celebrated 15 years.  It's another great book on marriage.  

Another friend of mine who has a heart for moms is Kara-Kae James. Kara-Kae  knows how overwhelming motherhood can be. As she writes, “When we come to the place where we think that we have failed—this is the moment when God’s Word and motherhood intersect.”
 In Mom UpJames shares four themes that impact how she follows Jesus and parents her kids: intentional motherhood, genuine community, refreshing rest, and embracing chaos. With practical ideas for building relationships with other moms, grace-filled Scripture reminders, and a healthy dose of humor, Mom Up helps readers step out of survival mode and into the abundant life God has for them and their family.
All my mom friends need this!! 

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