Thursday, February 21, 2019

All the Things

I haven't blogged much lately.  I've been completely swamped with the Singles page.  If you could see my laundry piles all over my house - you would know I haven't had time for much else.  

But somehow between posting singles - I still have a family to be with and we have been busy in other ways too! 

Last week Will Holden had his Valentines party on Wednesday.  It was his first time to exchange valentines and he LOVED it.  He's getting SO big.  He's not a baby anymore - he's a full on boy! 

Thursday we celebrated Valentines.  I always have balloons on their chairs for breakfast and some little treats.  They always look forward to it.  This year the girls got face masks and germ X and they were THRILLED.  It's funny how treats change over the years.  I went and ran Harper's class party and then tried to stop by Hollis' for a little bit.  I got a baby sitter for Will Holden and it made it WAY easier.  

My sweet Valentines

Friday was completely consumed with Singles Day.  I was up until 2:30 a.m. Thursday morning getting it ready to go.  This whole thing has completely brought out the Enneagram 2 in me and it's pretty clear I have a 1 wing too.  Scott's parents came for a weekend visit in the afternoon.  I made Amy Hannon's Shrimp and Grits and it was DELICIOUS! 

We had a lazy Saturday morning and then went for an early lunch at the Station cafe.  It was SO cold on Saturday.  

After lunch, Harper went to a birthday party for one of her best friends in downtown.  I dropped her off and walked down the street to my church to go to a wedding.  

They had a dessert reception and had the CUTEST little pies in a jar.  

This is the 13th couple who met on my blog! It was such fun timing that they got married the same weekend I had such a huge singles day! I hope I get invited to a ton more weddings!!! The groom is actually brother to one of my friends and grew up in my church.  This is the first wedding out of 13 that I have gotten to go to.  And the man officiating even mentioned during the wedding that they met on my blog.  I was a little mortified that my name got said during a wedding! ha! 

Then we all went to see Lego 2.  Which was possibly the worse movie I have ever seen.  I literally thought it would never end.  Actually Scott and I kept looking at each other and just laughing because it was so terrible and because we had drug his parents to it.  

Sunday we had church and then the kids were at church most of the afternoon for choir and GA's and then we had church prayer time.  Harper had to be at choir early so I took Hollis on a coffee date.  Well I drank coffee and she just talked.  ha! 

Monday morning Harper had an audiologist appointment at Children's.  We got there right when these Star Wars characters were about to leave so we got to take a picture.  So fun! 

Harper had a fast and great appointment! 

So I took them to chickfila for lunch.  We NEVER eat inside the restaurant.  I let them play and then we traded in our toys for ice cream.  I didn't even know if they still did that because we haven't done that in probably 4 or 5 years.  It was a treat! 

I just knew we would come down with the flu after that morning.  But so far so good.  Half of the school has been out of the girls' school with flu and strep.  I can't believe we haven't had it yet.  

Yesterday morning I had coffee with a new friend and then I met my friend Susan for lunch.  We had business to take care of but we also had fun catching up.  

Okay now that you are caught up - I have to go get caught up on my laundry! 

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