Sunday, February 10, 2019

Dancing and Dinner

Last week we had unusual warm weather and then we had extreme cold weather.  I took advantage when it was warm and did a lot of walking outside.  

My girls are in piano for an hour every Wednesday and I always try to take Will Holden on a walk or to a park when it's not extreme cold.  We had a good time last week because the weather was decent.  Some weeks it's so cold that we have to just park and sit in the car.  I love spending time with this guy.  

Our school has a Daddy/Daughter dance for 4th graders every year.  It's SUCH a fun event.  

I got asked to co chair this year so I spent all afternoon Friday decorating.  I came home just in time to get Harper ready and take pictures and then I went back to the dance so I could serve food and help and then clean up.  

We transformed the cafeteria into a really pretty room!!! 

Harper has been SOOOOOO excited about the dance! And she had the BEST time! 

Her and her best buddy Lillian

Some of her best friends from her class.  They are such a sweet group of girls.  All the girls looked so cute and just had the best time dancing together.  Their teachers all came which I wasn't expecting.  They were so sweet to come and dance with the girls.  

Scott and Harper did several slow dances and it was just so sweet.  Harper said dancing with him was her favorite part.  She also loved her corsage! 

I think she just felt so special! I hope it's a night she will remember! 

I'm thankful Scott works hard to make her feel loved and special. 

Saturday we slept late and worked on projects around the house and then I took the girls to Walmart and let them pick out Valentines.  

We spent the afternoon making Valentine boxes and filling out our Valentines.  This is Harper's last year to do this.  I can hardly believe that! 

Saturday night we went to Fayetteville and met the Ormons for dinner.  We went to Powerhouse.  We haven't been there in probably 15 years.  Scott and I went there on our very first date in Fayetteville.  Steve and Laurie went on like their 3rd or 4th date.  So funny to be there with our 5 kids! 

We left there and went to Smudgies ice cream.  This is Steve's  - a donut ice cream sandwich.  OH MY! 

We had the best time despite WH's face.  and yes - Emily is now a teenager and gorgeous.  

Yesterday was church and then we were back for choir and GA's and deacon ordination so we spent most of the day at church.  

Happy for Monday! 

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