Thursday, December 27, 2018

Our Christmas

On Christmas Eve we went over to our friends house in the early afternoon and we had a good time visiting and eating.  Our kids pulled up the Santa Tracker on the computer and were so excited by it.   

Then we all headed to church for the Christmas Eve Service at 5.  It was so fun to sit together.  As we drove to church, traffic was so crazy because there are three churches right together downtown and they were all having services at the same time.  Call me crazy - but seeing everyone walking to church at all the different spots just seemed so perfect.  I love being at church on Christmas eve and focusing on what the day is really for.  Christmas Hymns are so worshipful to me.  

We had to take a few pictures by the tree when it was over.  

Hollis and her buddy Joseph

Our family

Hollis wrote this letter to Santa to leave.  I loved it! 

We came home and showered and then got cookies and milk out for Santa! 

Then we had to sprinkle the reindeer food outside! 

We finally got the kids asleep and then the Elves went to work.  

Christmas morning the kids stayed in their rooms until we said they could come out.  Look at their faces as they ran in the room! 

Hollis makes the best faces! They were so excited! 

The girls got hover boards and iPads.  That was most of their Christmas.  They got a few smaller things and declared it the Best Christmas ever! 

Will Holden got a race track, a few remote control cars, legos and transformers.  He was a happy boy! 

The girls are obsessed with their hover boards.  

I made gumbo for Christmas lunch.  It was my first time and I was so proud.  It was so good! We had steaks for dinner and used Christmas dishes and the nice glasses.  

We had a nice relaxing day.  We stayed in our pj's all day and played with our new toys.  I even managed to take a nap which I NEVER do.  

Scott's parents are headed here today for Christmas Part 3.  What a wonderful holiday we are having1 

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