Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas Part Three

Happy New Years Eve!!! How crazy is it that 2018 is OVER??? 

We have had a good year and we finished our Christmas season out finally over the last few days.  

Scott's parents came to town on Thursday.  We opened gifts and ate dinner that night.  Our plan was to go to Silver Dollar City on Friday to have fun at the park and see the lights.  But Friday was a high of about 28.  It was SOOOO cold and windy and we decided we would be miserable.  There are not a lot of indoor places at SDC and we would have not made it in the cold for long so we scratched those plans.  

Instead we made a trip to Cavenders and Cabela's like the good cowboys we are. ha! Scott got a new pair of boots and I wished him a Merry Christmas.  We don't exchange gifts in our families so this was his one gift. (I LOVE that we don't do gifts - the pressure is completely off for the season and I think we all feel relieved.  Scott and I have never exchanged gifts since we married.  We just save our money for trips or things we need or want during the year. ) 

We ate lunch and then headed to the movies.  Will Holden has been dying to see "Bumblebee".  If you know him - you know he is obsessed with Transformers.  This may put me on the bad list of everyone but I liked Bumblebee a WHOLE lot more than Mary Poppins.  There was some cussing which I didn't love but overall the movie was more entertaining.  

The kids got nerf guns from Gigi for Christmas.  Scott got them safely glasses so they wouldn't shoot each other's eyes out.  I am NOT A FAN.  Those nerf bullets end up all over the house and it's so loud.  But I guess it is part of childhood. ha! 

Saturday we took the kids to the library.  I hate to say that we haven't been in years.  In fact I had to get a whole new library card.  The girls have become big readers lately.  Hollis takes a book with her everywhere.  I got them a box set of the Babysitters Club for Christmas and they had them all read in 3 days.  So I decided it was time to start going to the library.  Hollis is into "My weird school" books and Harper is starting on "Nancy Drew".  I'm going to get her into Trixie Belden next.  That was my favorite series as a girl her age.  I used to read stacks of books constantly.  I'm not a great reader these days but when I was younger I read constantly.  

These hover boards have been the hit of the year.  My girls constantly ride around the house on them. They are really good at them.  I can barely stand on it and I'm afraid I will break something.  Hollis rides with WH which is sweet.  

We didn't do much Saturday.  We went and got coffee Saturday afternoon and WH fell asleep in the car so we ended up just driving all around out in the country looking at houses while he took a good nap.  Then we had dinner at home.  

Sunday we headed to church and then to lunch afterwards.  I took down our Christmas in the afternoon.  I didn't go crazy this year decorating so it was very easy to get it all down.  It always feel clean and fresh when the Christmas comes down.  

We don't have big plans for New Years.  I'm not a big fan of NYE.  We usually lay low.  We will just be at home.  The girls want to sleep in the living room and they insist they are staying up until midnight.  We will see.  I'm excited to see what 2019 will hold! 

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