Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Birthday and Christmas fun

Did y'all have a good Christmas? I hope you did!! 

We have had a fun last few days! 

Thursday was the school parties for the girls.  I was trying to get ready and a box came to the house.  I couldn't remember what late present I had ordered so I opened and it was an Apple Watch that Scott surprised me with for my birthday! He was at work so I had to take a picture and send it! ha! 

The girls both had their parties at the same time.  I'm helping in Harper's class this year since it's her last year to have parties with parents but I try to pop in to Hollis' party for a few minutes.  They were on a day that Will Holden didn't have school and I hated to get a sitter for an hour so I took him along which was not the best idea.  

Hollis and one of her best friends playing a game at her party! 

Friday Will Holden had PJ day at school.  How cute is this little elf? 

We celebrated my birthday Friday night.  Scott wanted us to go on a date but I said I wanted to go with the whole family to eat and to the movies.  It was a great way to celebrate! 

Mary Poppins has always been one of my very favorite movies.  So I was so excited to see the new one.  I know everyone has loved it.  I hate to say that I didn't really.  I think I just loved the first one so much that it kind of disappointed me.  I may also have been really tired.  Sit me in a recliner and it's hard for me to stay awake.  

Hollis' glasses aren't real but she wears them all the time and it makes me so happy.  

Saturday morning we drove over to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas.  Saturday was my birthday so they celebrated me too.  45! yikes! 

I came home from the hospital in 1973 in this stocking.  I've never seen it before but my mom brought it out.  

We opened presents and had a great time Saturday afternoon.  

My Aunt Linda always gives the kids the best presents. She gave Harper an early birthday present of a Disney charm bracelet.  Harper LOVED it.  

My parents neighbors have cows, pigs and a donkey.  The kids loved looking at the animals.  It's like a little petting zoo.  

Sunday morning we went to the church my dad pastored for 30 years.  They hadn't been back since he retired so it was a a special morning to visit.  It was good to see a lot of my old friends! 

My kids playing with the youngest kid of one of my oldest friends.  We used to play on the church steps so how sweet to see our kids playing on the steps too.  

We came home Sunday afternoon and got ready to celebrate Christmas at home.  

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