Thursday, January 03, 2019

A bunch of random things

I have a few random things to share.  Some I have been asked about on Instagram and some I just thought I would share.

The girls got hover boards for Christmas.  This is the one we got them.  It looks like it's sold out but it was under $100 and we are very happy with them.  They run great and the battery lasts quite a while.  

A lot of you asked about the gumbo recipe I used for Christmas Day.  My friend Meagan shared her family recipe with me.  So I hope it's not a family secret.  ha! The only change I made to the below is I used crawfish tails instead of crab because I don't like crab and I LOVE crawfish.  Also I was so happy this recipe didn't call for sausage because I HATE sausage but you can always add it.  
And on another note - Melanie Shankle told me she does her roux in the OVEN and it turns out perfect.  WHAT??????? So I'm totally trying this next time.  She said to put it in a dutch oven at 350 for about 2.5 hours and stir once every 30 minutes.  I like a really dark roux and I didn't get it dark enough when I made it so I'm going to try this next time I make it. 



Sauté green bell pepper, onion, 3 celery stalks, 2-3 cloves of garlic. And green onions, if desired (2-3 stalks)Add carton of veggie broth and half chicken broth. Reserve remainder for later, if needed. —- or make a seafood stock and combine w chicken broth—- (Make seafood stock from shrimp shells, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper corns. Strain and add to pot. )Add rotel and 1-2 bay leaves. Add salt, pepper, creole season and cayenne. Make roux with equal parts oil and flour. Usually 1 cup of each in cast iron skillet. Stir constantly until the color of copper. Usually about 8-12 minutes Add broth from base to skillet of roux and mix well, otherwise roux may temper in potAdd 1.5-2 tsp file, 18-24oz frozen okra, 2-3lbs of shrimp and 1lb of lump crab meat. Add cooked crab meat at the very end once fire is off to prevent it from stringing. Serve over hot rice with buttered French bread on the side. 

Our family are all working on reading the Bible through this year.  I shared Hollis reading her Bible on Instagram and this is the one she has. It's a GREAT kids Bible.  Scott got a new CSB Study Bible at LifeWay on New Years Eve.  And I'm using my You version app and doing the Chronological plan to read the Bible Through.  I've never read it chronologically and I've never read the Bible through in one year.  I read it but I've never fully committed to reading the whole thing so I'm hoping 2019 is the year I finally do it.  

And the last thing is my kids have wanted to have a You Tube Channel forever.  They LOVE watching other kids on you tube and making their own videos.  So I thought your kids might enjoy watching them! I can promise it will be sweet and appropriate for kids! 
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