Thursday, December 20, 2018

Parties and Programs

This is a week of all the things! 

We started Monday with Will Holden's preschool Christmas party! He was so excited to have a party and for me to come.  It was in the morning and I had to explain to him several times that he couldn't come home with me because Momma had stuff to do.  He handled it pretty well but it took a lot of hugs.  

They had lots of fun games like fishing for candy canes! 

And decorating little Christmas trees! 

Monday night I headed to a Favorite things party.  This is my favorite thing ever! 

I had people ask about what this is so if you have never been to one - there are several ways to do it but we do it this way:

You bring 5 of your favorite things - they have to be under $5.  We had about 20 people at the party.  We all put our names on slips of paper 5 times.  One by one - each person told about what their favorite thing was (mine was a set of note cards because I love snail mail) and then they drew 5 names to give their gift to.  At the end of the night - each person goes home with 5 things.  

I've also been to one that had 8-10 people there and you brought enough for everyone there.  But that can get pricey.  It's a good idea for any kind of group.  And you could even do it for a tween or teen party.  

I've received all kinds of fun things! Beauty products are always a great hit.  And food products.  

One of my friends brought a Beauty Box from Target - it was all eye products (not the one pictured above).   How fun is that? 

Yesterday Will Holden had his preschool Christmas program.  We had a little time to kill before it started so we had a coffee date.  

Our preschool does the nativity every year and it's so sweet! 

The 3 year olds are all sheep.  How cute are their shirts? 

The sheet ears would NOT stay up on his head. ha! 

He may have put on a show during our church performance but he did so good at his school performance.  I'm still smiling about it.  He sang his little songs and I was so proud of him! 

We love this boy of ours! 

Will Holden and his best little girl buddy Caroline.  They are so cute.  My favorite thing is hearing her little twang saying " WILL HOLDEN!".  

and he at least held off holding his shirt off until AFTER the program was over! 

He made the CUTEST little picture! I love it! I'm framing this one forever! And I don't save a lot of things! 

The girls love to shop for each other.  I always take them one at a time to shop but last night we just all went and split up.  Scott took Hollis and I took Harper and we met back at the car.  They get so excited! In a few years we will let Will Holden join that fun! 

Just a few more sleeps until Christmas morning! We are so excited at our house! 

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