Wednesday, December 05, 2018

A few of my favorite things

Most bloggers at this time of year like to do Gift Guides.  

I've never done a gift guide but I have been sharing a few of my favorite things over on my instastories lately and I'm constantly asked for links so I thought I would put them all on a blog post to help! 

So this is my quasi gift guide.  

Also - some of these things are going to be treasure hunts because they are hard to find right now! 

I got this amazing puffy coat at Walmart back a month or so ago and I shared about it and y'all went CRAZY! It's $20 at Walmart and we started a whole thing! A Coat Club if you will!! I've been so tickled because you have sent me pictures of you in the coat everywhere from your home to NYC to the ski slopes.  It's warm and comfy without being too puffy and comes in several colors. 

NOW the sad part - it's sold out online.  And it's sold out in most stores.  BUT people are still finding them.  So if you have a Walmart nearby - go and look.  It would make a great gift - kids and teens have been wearing it too.  And send me your picture if you get one!!! 

I have a highlight on my instagram called "The Coat" - I try to put all the pictures there! It's so fun! 

Then I found this poncho at Walmart.  It's Time and Tru brand.  It's no longer online either.  Here is the trick - it's not in the clothes area.  It's over by scarfs, gloves and jewelry.  It's one size fits all and it's cozy and long and I LOVE it.  It also comes in black.  So run over to Walmart and maybe you can find a coat and a poncho and you are SET!!! Oh and it's $15!!! 

My friend Ashley Lancaster shared about this lipstick when she was at Disney World.  It would stay on ALL DAY.   It's Maybelline Matte Ink.  It's $8 and you can get it anywhere - Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta, ..........  I wear seductress.  I put it on in the morning and never reapply and it stays on all day.  I don't think it makes my lips dry either but you could always put a little gloss or chapstick on top if you like your lips to be moist.  

It is AMAZING!!! 

This is another tip that I hate to share because I found it Monday thanks to my friend Jamie Golden and our stores are already sold out.  BUT if you have an ALDI nearby - they have a copy of the Capri Volcano candle (that Anthropologie sells) and it smells just the same! My stores were sold out but they have this one in silver that is like the Capri candle that's green and smells like a Christmas tree.  I've been burning it and it's wonderful.

OH and it's $8!!!!!!!

My friend Johnna Hold shared about this journal for moms and daughters and I ordered one for Harper and then ended up getting Hollis one too.  I would say ages 8-14 might be the target.  It's SO great.  It has all of these writing prompts and the girls can write and answer questions and then pass to the moms who then answer questions and then there is space for them to write anything they are thinking or questions they have.  Y'all my girls LOVE this.  Hollis has nearly written in the entire thing.  I love reading what they write and they like reading my answers.  It's a sweet way to get them to tell you things.  I want to save this and maybe do one every other year or so with them.  It will be a TREASURE!!! 

I wanted to share once more about the (in)courage Bible by Dayspring.  It has over 300 devotionals in it written by around 100 women (including me!) and it's beautiful!!! It would be a great way to start the new year! 

WHAT my gift guide WILL NOT include is this purse shaped like Poop that is filled with slime products and costs $65.  SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!! I am so annoyed at how many toys are out this year targeted to girls that are poop related!!!!!!! WHAT ON EARTH???? My girls tried to mention some unicorn poop slime business and I let them know that we would not be purchasing anything to do with poop.  We had enough of that in our own bathrooms. ha ha ha ha! 

Okay - hope this helps! Merry Christmas!!! 

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