Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Christmas Cheer

We had a weekend full of Christmas cheer! 

Our Elf Madeline showed up on December 1st.  She brought the kids ornaments for their trees.  I actually am happy to see Madeline.  The kids get just GIDDY over her and they jump out of bed early every morning to see where she is so our mornings in December are really great.  

Saturday morning the kids had choir practice at church.  

When it was over - we headed out to get a Christmas tree.  We got our first real tree last year and we are all hooked.  I never thought I would like a real tree but I really do.  And I love the whole experience of going to the farm and picking out a tree and cutting it down ourselves.  I love Christmas experiences.  

It was freezing but we had a great time! 

We walked all around trying to find the perfect tree! 

And we finally decided on one! 

We waited until December 1st to decorate our house and I felt super behind but it was worth the wait! 

We spent the rest of Saturday decorating the tree and putting up lights outside.  I kept it SUPER simple this year.  Just the tree and the mantle and that's it.  I've had 2-3 years in the past and stuff everywhere and I just wanted to keep it minimal this year.  

Sunday morning was our Christmas program.  The preschoolers, kids, youth and adult choir all sang.  

I love watching my kids sing! This was Will Holden's first (and possibly) last year to sing on stage.  

These girls love to sing! 

Will Holden put on quite a show.  You can go to my instagram to watch a video! It's always an adventure with this guy! 

Sunday night the kids put on a Christmas program.  Will Holden was a shepherd.  But he did NOT love the head thing so we turned it into a sash. 

He did some more preforming in the night program.  He's not a shy wallflower.  

Harper had a solo and she did amazing! 

I never think Hollis is tall until I see her at church.  She's a full head taller than all the other girls her age.  

Love these sweet kids - Christmas is SO magical at these ages! And I know it's fleeting.  My motto in December is "they are only young once" so I try to take advantage of everything fun we can do! 

The girls and Sarah Kate. 

We are ready for a fun week! I can't believe it's DECEMBER! How did this year fly by so fast? 

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