Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Love Your City

Happy Election Day! I hope if you haven't voted yet that you get out and vote today! I voted last week and I loved explaining to the girls what a privilege it was - especially for women who haven't always had the right! 

Friday was a big day in our town.  Every year on the first Friday in November, our town hosts a Toy Fair.  All the Toy Vendors who sell to Walmart have booths to show their newest toys and they give out all kinds of fun stuff.  It's fun but it's also CRAZY TOWN.  I've heard between 20,000 and 40,000 people show up throughout the day.  You would have to know how small our town square is to know how nuts it is.  Our church has a booth on First Friday because we are downtown and I signed up to work it Friday morning.  I had to walk over to Onyx Coffee first.  It used to intimidate me a little because it's fancy and I wasn't a coffee drinker.  Now I find myself a little coffee obsessed.  

We gave out the cutest bags to all the people passing by on their way to the toy fair.  We had free coffee and little toys and tattoos for the kids.  It was a great way to visit with tons of people.  I had so much fun! 

Laurie couldn't resist tatting up! 

It was chilly but a beautiful day! 

Love these friends.  WE love our city.  

When I got done with my shift - I walked over to see what all was going on.  I normally always take the kids but this year we had to skip.  I was leaving town right after school and didn't feel like dealing with the crowds.  

But I sort of hate I didn't take Will Holden because there were a lot of things there he loves - like Ryan's Toy Review.  This is his favorite You Tube Channel.  

And the transformers.  The line was so long to see them.  

I hit my favorite taco truck which made the day a total win! 

This was a fun picture of early in the day (before it got really crazy) at the toy fair! 

We had a little front yard football going on in our yard after school.  Scott came home and kept the kids because I left with my friend Susan to go along on her speaking event in Harrison, AR.  

Harper spent the night with Sarah Kate and Laurie sent me these pictures.  They got into Halloween makeup.  Yikes! 

Scary little girls! ha! They had the best time together! 

Saturday I spent the day with Susan as she spoke at a conference and then we drove home.  

When I got home we took the kids to see the Nutcracker movie.  I want to tell you it was a really great movie but we had these amazing recliners and I fell fast asleep about 30 min in.  I just really can't go to the movies without falling asleep I'm afraid.  

Sunday we had a busy day of church and choir practice.  We are gearing up for Christmas programs! 

But I'm not decorating for Christmas just yet! Wink! 

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