Thursday, November 08, 2018

Fall color and saving money

Yesterday I went on a "leaf peeping" walk around my town.  I wanted to get out and see all the color before it goes away because I know the days are numbered.  I have to share a few pictures - especially for all of you who already have snow or don't experience fall.  We have had the BEST fall this year.  

But don't click away - because after all the fall pictures - I am going to share a helpful tip for saving money!!! 

I mean our town is amazing right now! 

Isn't this so pretty? This is on the main street running into downtown.  This street is lined with old houses and beautiful trees and it's just my favorite! I wish I lived here but of course the houses are selling for around a million dollars these days.  Any long time resident will tell you their biggest regret is not buying one of these houses 20 years ago when they were cheap. 

Our water tower is kind of a town symbol.  

This is at Crystal Bridges.  It's GORGEOUS on the trails around the museum if you are near by and can come visit! 

This is our church - we have the best trees in the parking lot! 

And this is in my yard.  This was a tiny sprout when we moved in almost 14 years ago.  

Okay - how many of you use Walmart Savings Catcher and Ibotta? And if not - then you need to start right away or you are basically giving money away.  

If you shop at Walmart - it's SO easy to use the savings catcher and it's great.  I have received $22 back just in October.  You just load the app and it takes your receipts and compares them to competitors and gives you back any money of items that comp at a lower price.  

Now the tricky thing is starting last week, you can no longer scan your receipts in.  You have to use Walmart Pay.  I have been using Walmart Pay for a few months once I realized I didn't even have to have my wallet out anymore - I could just use my phone to scan and pay.  It's so freeing.  

And now savings catcher automatically scans your receipts if you use Walmart Pay.  

The problem is that I also like to use Ibotta.  Are you using Ibotta? You should! I have made a ton of money back from just buying the stuff I normally buy.  I have never liked using coupons but by just scanning your receipt (and it works for Target, other grocery stores,  and all kinds of online places and travel sites) - you can get money back.  I have used it when booking travel and got a lot of money back! 

The tricky part is that you have to have a receipt to scan and since I don't get one with Walmart Pay - I didn't want to miss out.  So I figured out a way around it and thought I would share!!

If you go onto the Walmart app under saving catcher - you can see all the receipts you have scanned.  Then click on view this receipt.  

If you click the button circled in red - it will give you the actual receipt with the QR code. 

So then I just screen shot and emailed it to myself. 

Then I pulled it up on my computer and take my phone and the Ibotta app and when it says redeem - I scan the QR code on my computer! And it worked.  So I was able to use both Ibotta and Walmart savings again.  


On Ibotta - they list out items and the money you will get back and you choose what you might buy and then when you are done - scan the receipt and you instantly get money back.  It's AWESOME! And so easy to use! It's crazy NOT to use it because you can get money back on every trip.  Plus the Saving Catcher! 

AND they will give you TEN WHOLE AMERICAN DOLLARS just for signing up to use the app

I was so happy to figure out how to make it work and I wanted to share! Now you can take the extra money and go to Sonic! Or buy a crop top at Target! :-) 

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