Friday, November 02, 2018

Halloween and Anniversaries

We have had a fun filled week! Monday Will Holden's preschool had a fall carnival that was super hero themed! I helped with one of the stations which I knew had disaster written all over it.  When the girls were in preschool - I could go and help and they were happy but went along their own way.  Will Holden saw me and it was all over.  He would stand in every station he was in and yell across the crowded gym " Mom. MOOOOOOOOOM." and wave.  And cry.  And begged me to take him home with him.  Since I only planned to go home and clean, I just took him home.  Oh that momma's boy.  

Hollis got Halloween mail from her Texas bestie and it made her week! 

These pumpkins are already moldy and need to go but I loved our fall porch while it lasted! 

I really love Halloween with kids.  I never cared much about Halloween until I had kids.  It's just a fun day that our family spends together.  We have always done a family theme.  My girls LOVE it.  They started planning this year around November 1st of last year.  

I always have to take a walk back in time! Hollis in this pig costume was my favorite!!! 

I loved these little bees

We turned Alice in Wonderland into a pregnancy announcement! This was my favorite year of surprising people!! 

This is my VERY favorite! Will Holden in that lion costume! 

My girls say this was their favorite.  

Last year we went to Disney in October so it only made sense to be Disney characters.  

Wednesday I went to help run Harper's class party.  The kids all did a costume parade first so I got to see that.  A parent brought these amazing cookies to the party.  

Harper and one of her sweet friends.  I'm room mom in Harper's class this year since it's her last year in Elementary school.  I have tried to be room mom in both classes and it's impossible.  But I will have the next two years to do parties in Hollis' classes before I give Will Holden the next 5 years. ha! 

I did make it to Hollis' room for just a quick minute.  

After school we ran to piano lessons.  Will Holden fell asleep while we waited.  He was just recharging his batteries for the night.  We ran home and got our costumes on so we could head to trick or treating.  

We decided on a Christmas theme this year.  The kids LOVED it.  I had wanted Scott to be grinch but I could have sworn he said no.  Driving to the Ormon's house, he said "I should have been the Grinch".  ha ha ha of course! Will Holden as Buddy made me so happy! 

This COULD be our Christmas card this year even though I don't think it will.  But it might! 

Our tradition is to go to Laurie and Steve's on Halloween.  We eat pizza and then trick or treat.  Their neighborhood gets very into it and we have the best time.  The last few years - there are always extra friends who join us. I got so tickled this year at Will Holden and all the girls.  It was HORRIBLE weather this year.  Cold and pouring rain.  But the kids wanted to trick or treat so bad so when the rain let up a little - we went for it.  

We hit less than 10 houses but since there weren't many trick or treaters out - the houses all gave fistfuls of candy so the kids got plenty!! I love this house with the witch legs sticking out.  An older man lives here.  

Yesterday was our 15th anniversary! We had hoped to take a trip but it just isn't a great time for that but we did at least get a date! We went to our favorite nice restaurant in town.  I'm so grateful to have made it for 15 years with Scott.  It hasn't always been easy but we know we are in it for life and I'm so thankful for him.  

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