Monday, October 29, 2018

Parties and Pumpkins

I started Friday by visiting a new to me food truck.  It's been here a while but I just never find time to stop.  I'm so glad I did.  It's delicious.  They have breakfast tacos too if you are in the area and like that kind of thing! :-) 

I needed a fun lunch of tacos because Friday night was the school Fall carnival! Which I enjoy but it's always crazy! 

If you know us - you know we love a good family theme! Last year probably on November 1st - the kids already started planning this year.  We decided on Christmas and have stuck with it! Scott and I are dressing up too - you will have to check back on Halloween to see the full family.  Will Holden as Buddy the Elf is my favorite.  I also love Hollis' molded hair for Elf on the Shelf.  And Harper is just a pretty Mrs. Claus.  Her costume came with a santa hat that didn't fit right so we went with a bow.  

The kids had a great time at the carnival.  I worked booths for both classes while they ran around from game to game! 

Saturday morning Hollis had a birthday party to go to.  She was so excited.  

While she was at the party, Harper and I ran a few errands.  We found this Santa hat headband at Hobby Lobby to complete her costume.  Thank goodness for Christmas stuff out early! ha! One of my best friends already has her tree up.  So I guess it's not that early! 

This is my sweet friend Robin.  You long time readers will know Caroline and this is her mom! Her husband passed away recently after a long hard illness.  She has been so full of joy no matter her circumstances.  She's such an inspiration to all of us.  Some of her close friends threw her a birthday party Saturday.  It was so fun! 

We had the best lunch and it was fun to visit! 

Our host has a grand piano in her living room so we sang happy birthday complete with a piano! 

We have had so much rain lately and it's been cold and gloomy but Saturday was absolutely beautiful! It was just perfect weather! Scott and the kids and I went for a walk around Crystal Bridges.  We had a great time and the trees had JUST turned color and were gorgeous! 

What a glorious Fall Day! 

On the way home - about 5 deer crossed right in front of us on our path and a buck stood there and watched us walk.  That was SO fun to see! 

We came home and I cooked dinner and then we carved pumpkins.  

The calm before the storm

Carving pumpkins is for sure more fun that it sounds.  Scott and I did most of the carving.  The patterns are hard to work.  I ended up just helping Harper make a traditional jack o' lantern.  

But we did it! 

Yesterday was church in the morning.  We worked on filling up our Operation Christmas Boxes.  Then the kids had to be back early for choir and GA's.   

And now we start a new week! 

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