Monday, October 01, 2018

Weekend Fun

My weekend started off with a goodbye lunch for my friend Sam.  Sam is moving to Michigan on Thursday.  Her husband got a great new job and they are moving back to a place they love but she will be missed.  We had a fun lunch.  By the way - 4 of these moms have twins.  I was a little nervous to sit at the same table with them.  ha! 

I have been wanting to take the kids to a high school football game and Friday the weather was SO perfect.  So I checked the schedule and there was a home game and we had a free night so we decided to go.  I had bought the kids shirts at walmart several weeks ago so we had our gear ready! Our town has grown so much that we opened a second high school a couple of years ago.  We are zoned for the new school - West - so we wanted to check it out.  The stadium is brand new this year and so nice! 

We had the best time.  I love high school football.  I just love the whole feel.  The band, the cheerleaders, the hometown community, the concession stand - all of it.  And Will Holden had popcorn which was the highlight for him.  It was a rare cool September night and just perfection! 

I can't help but hope that this boy might be on that field one day with his name being called on the PA System.  

I hope we can make a lot more football games over the years.  I'd love my kids to grow up going to high school games! The girls really loved it! They kept thanking us for taking them! 

We only stayed one half because the game doesn't start until 7 and Will Holden was done by the half. But our team ended up winning! 

Saturday morning, Hollis had a soccer game.  She's on a really great team this year.  There are some feisty little girls on her team.  She's not the best player but she loves it and she really tries and I'm so glad she's doing it.  I love watching her.  

Her friend Joseph had a lemonade stand on Saturday afternoon.  All the money goes to our church Christmas store.  It was DNOW weekend - which is a huge youth weekend and all the youth and adults came by.  He ended up raising almost $1000.  We planned to drop by but the girls starting helping so we stayed for about half of it.  It was HOT.  But we had so much fun.  

The hogs were playing so Scott stayed home to watch it and I thought it might be best to get the kids out of the house so they didn't hear all the yelling.  ha ha ha! We may not win a game this year but we still wear our Hog shirts! 

Saturday night we took the kids out to eat at Chuy's.  It was just a fun family day.  

This morning we helped with baptisms for DNOW.  We had about 10 or 12 teenagers get baptized.  It's always my favorite to see teenagers get excited about Jesus.  They are forever changed and so are we.  

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