Sunday, October 07, 2018

What's Been Going On

My week was consumed last week with preparing for a luncheon we had for the ministry I work for.  This was our third annual lunch and previously we had it in a restaurant so this year we had it at a church downtown so I had to take care of a lot of little details.  I'm not an event planner by nature - so this was a real stretch for me but it turned out great! 

The lunch was on Thursday so I spent all day Wednesday setting up and before that I ran a lot of errands getting ready.  


The luncheon turned out great and was a success.  And we were so thankful for all of those who could attend.

Some of my closest friends came and supported the ministry and I was so grateful just for their presence there. 

Scott also left that morning to go out of town for a few days to "pre hunt".  So it was just a busy week! 

After that craziness, I was so excited to have not one but two "dates" set up for Friday.  I met these ladies for coffee at Neighbor's Mill.  We had the best time catching up and talking.  

Then Laurie and I met our friend Rachel at Local Lime.  This is a Little Rock restaurant that just opened here.  It is soooooo good.  That salsa with the pumpkin seeds is zucchini salsa and it's DELICIOUS! 

And this mexican street corn is going to be one of my BFF's.  This is one of my favorite things on earth.  

Love these girls.  Please notice our photo bombers.  I would let you think they were random crazy women but we know them. ha ha ha ! 

Saturday morning it was raining off and on.  I kept thinking they would cancel soccer but they didn't. We got out there and as soon as the game started it was POURING.  This is me and WH sitting under an umbrella.  

They called the game after about a quarter because it was lightening.  Hollis' friend Joseph came to see her play.  

I told them not to come since it was raining but they insisted.  I'm thankful for such great friends.  

We went home and had lunch and then Hollis had a birthday party at an art place.  She was so proud of her horse picture.  

We ran by to pick up Sarah Kate so she could spend the night and Laurie pulled Hollis' loose tooth.  Laurie loves to pull teeth and I can't stand to look at them.  So it worked out for us! 

I let the kids pick wherever they wanted to eat dinner and they picked Waffle House.  We had the best time.  They had been playing outside and WH was filthy and I didn't even notice how dirty he was until we were there.  The waitress was wearing a visor that said WH.  I almost asked where I could buy one for Will Holden.  

I managed to get all the kids to church early Sunday morning.  I'm not going to lie I was proud.  Scott got home yesterday afternoon and after church activities we had a Sunday School dinner with our friends and all the kids.  It was a lot of fun.  

My laundry room has been driving me crazy for a while.  It has just become a catch all for junk.  The rest of my house is fairly neat and clean but that room has just been a PILE.  So while Scott was gone - I cleaned it out and organized.  (Before and After)   It's not the most beautiful room in the world - but it's much neater.  I feel like I breathe better when things are organized.  

It's been in the 80's but it's supposed to get cooler this week and I am READY!!!! 

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