Friday, September 28, 2018

Tacos and Concerts

This week has been full of so many great things! 

I thought Monday was picture day for Will Holden so I dressed him up for school only to find out it was actually today.  oops.  Luckily by the time today came around -the big scratch on his head was healed up.  Always a silver lining.  ha! 

I had a hair appointment on Monday.  My stylist Crystal has a new salon and it's so pretty! If you are in NWA and need a stylist - call Grow Salon in Bentonville! They are all great there! 

Afterwards, I had to run to Springdale and pick up some stuff and so I ran in and got tacos and sat in the parking lot to eat before running more errands.  As I was leaving - I looked over and saw Amy Hannon sitting in her car.  She had been to the SAME print shop as me and was eating her lunch in the same parking lot.  So funny.  

She's one of my favorite people ever.  I could talk to her forever.  If you aren't following Amy on Instagram - you should.  @eunamaes.  You will love her! 

My friend Susan's son is the drummer for the band LANY.  She is teaching our Bible Study and her mother is in there.  Ms. Mary was the professor of music at OBU forever and she's amazing and in her 80's now.  She 's so proud of her musician grandson (and his wife who is the lead singer for Mosaic MSC - they have a new CD out right now).  She wrote this on our board Tuesday morning.  Jake and his band are going to be on the Today Show.  She's so excited.  

We had the most beautiful rainbow and sky one night.  We all had to go out and look.  

I told you about the beautiful Journal the Word Bible for Women.  It's AMAZING! And you can get it for 40% off the original price with the code JOURNAL4 until October 9 at  It would make a great Christmas gift if you want to buy ahead. 

It has so much room for taking notes and there are also little scripture call outs on most pictures that make you look deeper. 

I have coasters for you to put your coffee or Diet Coke on while you study your Bible that Zondervon would love to send you if you fill out this form!!!

Thursday is house cleaning day for me and Will Holden wanted to have a picnic in the living room.  Love this boy! 

Last night Laurie and I went to see Johnny Swim and Need to Breathe at our outdoor concert venue - The AMP.  I have never been which is CRAZY.  I loved it SO much and the concert was so good! We had the best time! Bonus that it was in the low 60's and it felt amazing outside! We saw a lot of people we knew and just had the best time.  Laurie would want you to know that's a sprite she's drinking.  It looks a little like a beer. ha! 

Today Hollis got star student of the week! I got to go see her get recognized! I know she was thrilled! 

And I had to hug this girl too! 


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