Friday, October 26, 2018

Soccer, Crop Tops and Teeth

Well October is just FLYING by.  Can you believe it will be November next week? Our leaves are just now changing.  We are having a late fall.  I feel like the peak will be next week and I'm excited.  Our anniversary is next week.  When we got married I had hoped to have pictures in front of beautifully colored trees and that year we had an early fall and the trees were all empty by our wedding.  You just never know in Arkansas what you are going to get.  

This guy.  He is so funny.  Every night we have the most frustrating conversation.  Right before bed, he starts saying "What are we going to do today?"  To which I always respond "Today is over - we are going to bed".  And then he gets frustrated "But what are we going to do today?"  And I say "Today is time to go to bed.  TOMORROW you are going to school."  And then he says "so TODAY I am going to school?" and I say "no TOMORROW!!!" and it keeps going round and round.  Literally every night.  

Hollis had her last game of the season Tuesday night.  She had the best season.  Her team only lost once.  Saturday, they ended the game early when the score was 15-1.  Hollis said "We quit early because the other coach said we were too good".  ha ha ha! She will be on the same team in the spring which we are happy about.  She has a great coach.  And there are two little brothers on the team around WH's age and he has the BEST time with them.  

Wednesday Harper had a quick audiologist appointment.  It was just a follow up on her new hearing aids.  She's been having a tough time with her ear molds.  She is going to try a different kind that has a hole and some ventilation and made from a different material.  I don't know if she is allergic or if it's been the heat and humidity but her ears stay damp and red.  We have never had this issue until recently.  She also had a lot of fluid in her ear so we are headed to the ENT.  

She had to miss a field trip (to Crystal Bridges which we can go to any time) so we had to waste some time before going back to school.  She didn't have any where to go until they got back.  We enjoyed having time together.  I just LOVE her at this age.  I wish I could freeze her right at this age forever.  

As we were leaving, a bus pulled up with a local football team coming in to visit kids at the children's hospital.  I thought it was so sweet - it made me tear up.  

We made a little trip to Target and they have changed ours up.  The women's clothing section is so small and there is a huge section of what I guess is juniors clothes but it's all crop tops.  I talked about it on my insta stories.  You can it on highlights under Style.   I received over 500 DM's and 98% of them agreed with me.  Your comments were so funny.  The other 2% were offended.  But there is always a good % that is offended by anything. ha! 

It looked the wardrobe closet from Clueless ended up at Target.  Someone messaged me that the prime customer at Target is 18-24 and that may be but from everything I see on social media and real life - middle aged moms are their main customer.  

Harper had a friend over after school on Wednesday.  They had a good time together.  I'm so thankful for the friends Harper has made in elementary school.  Hollis too.  

Will Holden loves to dress himself.  Even if his pants are on backwards half the time.  He also changes his pants about 5 times a day because he won't wear them if he gets one drop of water on them.  Three year olds are fun.  

Remember Dawson? We had to put him to sleep about three years ago.  Every once in a while, someone will ask me about him.  Yesterday was his birthday.  I'm still holding out on a new dog but it might not be much longer.  The kids want one so bad.  

Sporty spice.  I got the cutest sweat suits at walmart for $7 a piece.  Hollis lost another tooth this week.  She barely has any teeth left.  We keep teasing her that she will have to go on a liquid diet.  She didn't lose any teeth for so long and now they are all coming out at once.  I love a toothless kid! 

We are ready for the weekend! I hope yours is great! 

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