Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Grandparents and Pumpkins

This weekend Scott's parents came to town for a visit.  They got here Friday in time to pick the girls up from school.  I cooked dinner for us and we just spend Friday night in.  

Saturday morning they went with us to see Hollis play soccer.  I didn't take on picture of that but Hollis' team won a big game.  We came home and ate lunch and then drove to Missouri to try out a different pumpkin patch.  

Friday had been SO cold and rainy.  It was just miserable but Saturday's weather was absolutely perfect.  It wasn't cold or hot and the sky was so blue! Of course it was the first nice Saturday we have had so EVERYONE was at the pumpkin patch.  In fact - my social media feeds were full of pictures of nearly every one I know at some pumpkin patch that day. ha! 

This corn display was so cute.  There is a huge corn maze here but we decided not to do it.  There were so many other things to do and a corn maze with a three year old is not my favorite thing.  Honestly a corn maze is not my favorite thing.  And it cost like $7 extra a person to do it and I knew it wouldn't be worth it.  

But we did love the barn swings! 

There were a lot of activities at this pumpkin patch.  I'm not sure it was my favorite one we have been to but we had a great time! 

We took a hay ride out to pick pumpkins.  

It was a good excuse for me to break out all of our pumpkin outfits.  These were all from last year but thankfully still worked! 

Will Holden told me his favorite part was riding this little cow train.  ha! They had a zip line and that was the girls' favorite thing.  

They also loved this huge corn pit.  

We picked a few pumpkins to take home with us.  

We then came back to town and ate at the Big Orange (which was an appropriate name after spending the day at the Pumpkin patch).  It was delicious.  

Sunday we headed to church.  Will Holden was NOT thrilled about taking pictures.  

We tricked him into smiling for one.  

I posted this picture of him frowning and everyone said he looked exactly like Scott.  Scott always likes to give me this face when I try to take his picture.  He really is a mini Scott.  

They went home this morning.  We had a great visit.  Now we are jumping full into fall festivals and parent teacher conferences and fall parties! 

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