Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall Break

We had a great fall break last week.  It was mostly nice not to set an alarm and not to rush in the mornings! We didn't have big plans - I tried to plan one fun thing a day.  But the rest of the time  - I had work to get done and a house to clean and laundry to catch up on and I also managed to switch out all 3 of their closets which is a major job.   So we stayed in our pj's most days in the morning while I worked and they we would venture out for a little fun.  

Monday I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese.  We really only go here for birthday parties and it's been a long time since we have been.  I think the mouse gets a bad rap.  It was clean and empty and the kids had a blast.  The kids can't leave without the invisible number stamped on them so I feel safe and so momma could play a few rounds of skee ball while they played games. ha! 

And of course they earned hundreds of tickets which got them a sucker and spin top.  But you would have thought they had won the lottery.  I love that they are getting so much older but are still thrilled with simple pleasures.  These ages are just the sweet spot of parenting! 

We had family pictures scheduled for last Saturday.  I scheduled this session back in July.  But it was POURING on saturday so I rescheduled for Monday and we decided to just do the kids and we can do a family picture in the spring.  We took them at the local Christmas tree farm and the kids LOVED it.  Even Will Holden posed so great.  I can't wait to get the pictures back.  The weather was perfect! 

I mean how cute is this going to be? 

And when did she turn into a teenager? 

It was COLD so when we left we got hot chocolate and listened to their choir Christmas music.  It felt like the holiday season on that day.  

Scott and I are trying to play a game of "how long can we go without turning our heater on".  We are all pretty hot natured so I actually love when the house gets cold.  And the kids are at an age that they don't freeze at night (unlike when they are babies and don't stay covered).  But the girls had on thick PJ's and Hollis wore footed PJ's and they wrapped up in blankets.  It really wasn't THAT cold.  It was freezing this morning outside so I'm not sure how much longer we can go but maybe we can do "no heat until trick or treat".  :-) 

Tuesday I took the kids to see Small Foot.  They loved it.  Maybe I was just tired but I thought it was boring and nearly dozed off a few times. I would have probably just gone to sleep but I was worried I would and then WH would run off.  ha! I have to keep an eye on that boy.  

The best news is that I found out that the movie theaters in our area have $5 Tuesday all day on Tuesday so that's great for future reference! 

Hollis had soccer that night.  It was cold.  Harper and I had to share a blanket.  But I thought the sky was beautiful at the end of the game.  

This girl is such a trooper to sit at every soccer game.  She draws and writes and keeps me company.  There are two little brothers on the team about WH's age so they have the best time playing during the games.  I've been so thankful for those brothers because it keeps WH occupied and he always can't wait to see "his buddies".  

Wednesday afternoon we had to go to piano lessons in downtown Rogers so went an hour early so we could go to a fun park first.  It was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time playing.  

I love these kids.  They are so sweet and love each other well.  I've been re-watching Parenthood for about the 4th time and I like to think that they will be the real life Braverman siblings one day.  Close and supportive of each other.  

But they also fight a lot.  The fighting reached a limit on Wednesday and I was NOT sad to see them go back to school on Thursday.  We had had enough fun! ha! 

Thursday night a few friends threw a surprise 40th birthday party for my friend Tracy.  It was a simple casual party and we had so much fun.  Tracy thought she was coming to my friend Aimee's house to work on baby bedding for her sister.  So she wore sweats and no makeup and she was so mad when she found out it was a party for her.  But she looked beautiful! And she was so surprised.  

Her sister made this cake and it was delicious! 

Tracy is one of the kindest and hardest working friends I know.  She works full time, works full time for her school PTO, is a wedding coordinator on the side, does events for our church and has three kids.  I literally don't know how she does all that she does but she never seems stressed.  And she has had like 5 knee surgeries in the last year.  And just keeps going.  I call her the energizer bunny.  She amazes me.  She also makes me laugh and I'm just thankful to call her friend.  

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