Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Big or Small - God Uses Us All

I feel like there is a current trend for women to rise up and do big things and to reach for the stars and to find empowerment and to be all that they can be and this is amazing and I applaud all of those who are finding their place and who want to do great things and I think women should be able to do anything they want to do! We women CAN do anything we want to do! 

However I don’t know if there are other people like me. Maybe I’m just tired or maybe I’m just lazy or maybe I’m just not ambitious but I don’t have a great desire to do big things or to make a big name for myself or to run a big company or to reach big goals and I think there’s nothing wrong with that either. Now I know I have a lot of followers on Instagram and that may seem like I do want to do big things but honestly I just enjoy life in the little things.  My ambition is more into making a good dinner for my family or having my kid snuggle with me on the couch and talk to me about their day or making a meal for a friend who has had a baby. I find fulfillment in just teaching preschool Sunday school and maybe that’s just where my ministry lies and where my goals are. I find a hard time balancing how I want to serve my family and what I want for myself. And honestly what I want for myself is just to raise good kids and sometimes I feel guilty that I don’t want to write a book or want to travel around speaking and I don’t want to travel internationally.  I just want to be home with my children and doing the every day stuff.  

And I wonder -  am I wasting my life?

 I think if you were one of these people who want to do big things and you want to reach some goals then GIRL do it!  But if you are like me and you’re happy with just a simple way of life  then don’t feel lesser than.  You should know that what you do in the small corners of your life is just as important as those who are reaching thousands and filling stadiums.  If you are just serving in your church nursery or you are homeschooling or you’re just doing the laundry that’s just as important. 

If everyone was a star there would be no audience and if everyone was the front stage there would be no one to work backstage and if everyone is leading worship there would be no one to run the sound booth. 

I think this movement of women wanting to be big things and reach big goals is great and I want my girls to know they can do anything they want to do but if they just want to live a quiet life and teach school then that’s how they will make a difference. Or if they just want to be a nurse and no one really ever knows their name then they are making a difference or if they just want to stay home with their kids and change diapers and do laundry - that is still important work.  

Some of the greatest women I have ever known are ones who have a big platform and are writing Bible Studies and leading organizations and making a huge difference among thousands of women.  

And some of the greatest women I have ever known are ones who no one knows but who drive people to doctor visits or make meals for the homeless or who have raised 6 kids and taken in foster kids.  

I don't know where you fall in here.  Maybe you are yearning for something big ahead or maybe you enjoy the slow delight of just afternoons at the park.  Either way - don't look around at what everyone else is doing.  Just stay in your lane and be grateful for the path God has for you.  It matters.  

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