Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend What What

We kicked off our weekend with Hollis and her class leading the weekly assembly.  

I left from there and went to Joy House coffee.  They were having their grand opening that day but I went early.  If you are in Bentonville, you need to stop by! They provide jobs in Haiti with their coffee.  

I met my friend Marci! It wasn't really planned and it was fun to get to visit with her.  It was rainy and cool all weekend.  It was only in the 60's on Saturday.  It was a glorious break because it's been so hot.  

I dropped by True Treasures and went to my friend Rhyanne's darling booth.  She has so much great stuff. I got a wonderful pumpkin candle because when it's rainy and cool - I just love to have a candle burning.  

Friday night the girls went to a lock in at church.  Hollis only stayed until 9 but Harper spent the night.  They had the best time.  I loved lock ins at church when I was younger.  I love that my kids get to experience that.  I figured Harper would be tired and need a nap but she never was.  

Saturday it was rainy and soccer got cancelled.  I was kind of excited.  We love watching our girl play soccer but I wasn't sad to have a free morning.  This summer I felt like I'm just here for my kids' social life.  I was driving them places all weekend.  Hollis had two birthday parties on Saturday.  They were almost at the same time and 20 minutes apart but she really wanted to go to both.  So we made it happen.  

In between parties I was helping film a little project for the ministry I work for. 

We made it party #2 for a little while.  Hollis had the best time! 

We decided to take the kids out for a little family date later in the afternoon.  We went to a movie and to quick dinner.  Will Holden did really well at the movie.  I feel like we are making strides! 

I'm sorry - how old are you? :-) 

We came home in time to watch the Hogs lose.  Again.  I'm in a little bit of despair over our season but I feel hope that we will get better.  I do like our coach and he's recruiting well so there is light ahead.  

I didn't take one picture yesterday but we had a full day of church.  

Happy Monday if you read through this whole post! :-) 

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