Thursday, August 02, 2018

Sweet Summertime

Summer is winding down but we are still having fun.  

Last week one of my college friends was here for a conference at Crystal Bridges.  We haven't seen each other in 20 years but we met up for ice cream with our kids.  

It was fun to get to visit for a little while! 

The girls have been BEGGING to buy school supplies.  They are SO ready for school so we went to Target (yes Target.  You know I love walmart but they needed new backpacks and they just had cuter ones).  

They were so happy.  They came right home and put it all in their backpacks and then of course had to make a "you tube video" of all their new stuff.  

This week is our church clothing drive and the girls have been up there helping most mornings with me.  They love helping and they are really great help! 

I love for them to get to see how serving can be fun and how it's even more fun with friends! 

We went over to my friend Marci's one afternoon and she and I got to visit and the kids played.  

We are going to miss all these fun days when school starts back.  

My friend Lindsey is from Louisiana and she knows how much I love all things cajun so she texted me the other night and said "I made gumbo! Want some?"  I live 2 min away so I drove over in my pj's to get it and it was delicious!!! 

Yesterday Harper had to have two cavities and filled and FOUR teeth pulled.  She's not getting ready for braces yet but her canines were coming in crooked and she needed room so they didn't push all her teeth crooked.  

Bless her heart.  It was a little more traumatic than I had prepared myself.  She was really upset.  But she bounced back quickly! 

Yesterday afternoon, Will Holden came and crawled in my lap and just passed out.  He NEVER naps so I just let him.  And he sat there on my for over an hour.  I would think he was sick but I think the summer was just catching up with him.  He stays up so late with his sisters.  

I took the girls shopping last night and we had a good time together.  I love this sweet age they are at.  

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