Thursday, August 09, 2018


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Last year, I got over eager about letting the kids join activities.  We had gymnastics twice a week, swimming three times a week, piano, soccer and church.  Honestly, it was bananas.  I felt like we spent all our time after school rushing to something and then rushing home for dinner and bed.  

And while my kids loved all the activities, what I have realized is they seem the happiest when they just have free time to BE kids. That's why I'm happy to working with Gogo squeeZ, a brand who is championing kids having BE time.  They are concerned with the wellbeing of today's kids and letting them just BE kids.  And they have snacks that are easy to grab on the run while kids are enjoying that free time.  Not only are they one of my family's favorite on the go snacks but we also love the message they are sending about BE time because it lines up exactly with our family goals! 

Kids today get less than 30 minutes of unstructured time, the lowest it’s been in history. And that’s impacting their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. To protect children’s free time and its benefits, GoGo squeeZ is championing an idea called “BE Time,” the unstructured time and space kids need more of, to simply BE kids. 
 I have also even seen this summer that when I take away screen time, they fight less.  They all three will get creative and play together and our house is just happier.  

My kids love to play outside.  They love to go to parks and go on walks and to ride their bikes outside.  They love to just play out in our backyard on our trampoline.  They love to take their meals and snacks outside and have picnics. It's the simple things that seem to make them happiest.  

It reminds me of how I grew up in the 70's and 80's.  We spent most of our time outside.  We only had a few channels on the TV - no DVR or netflix or DVD's or you tube.  No iPads or apps or phones.  We used our creativity.  Our moms didn't plan out constant crafts or activities for us.  We were allowed to just BE kids.  I miss those days.  

So this year - we are cutting back.  We are only going to do a couple of activities.  I want them to be able to come home after school and throw their backpacks down and go out and play.  I want them to get out their toys while they are still kids and play.  I want them to craft and read and be creative.  

I want life to slow down for a little while they are still little.  Kids need unstructured time.  I think activities are so great but I just feel the need for my family to have some rest.  

And giggle.  And like each other.  And enjoy being together.  

We hope to have a lot more BE time around our house this year.  And a lot more Gogo squeeZ snacks! 

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