Monday, July 30, 2018

Branson Get Away

We decided to take a quick little get away this weekend before school starts.  We have season passes to Silver Dollar City and have only made it once so far so we need to get our money's worth.  

Scott has wanted to go to the water park for years but it sounded like torture to me.  Wearing a bathing suit in public is my worst nightmare.  Well, maybe not my WORST - but not my favorite thing.  But I decided we could give it a try.  

It was a LITTLE difficult with this guy who HATES getting water in his face.  

It actually ended up being a lot of fun.  The weather was beautiful and it wasn't too crowded.  The girls loved it.  We will totally go again.  And I realized that everyone there was not a supermodel. There were all shapes and sizes and I cared a lot less about how I looked in my swimsuit.  

Friday night we went to the Branson Landing and ate at Cantina Laredo.  It was SOOO delicious.  They make table side guacamole and then I got this carne asada that was maybe the most flavorful steak I've ever had.  Then we had dessert and it was DIVINE.  It was one of my favorite meals ever.  

We walked around the meal for a while and then went to our hotel.  (Which we never stay the night in Branson since it's not that far.  I waited until Thursday to book a room and EVERY HOTEL IN BRANSON was booked! I found one place to stay.  CRAZY! ) 

Saturday morning we got to Silver Dollar City before it opened.  It was very cloudy and cool.  It was amazing weather for late July.  It wasn't crowded in the morning and there were no lines so we rode every ride we wanted to.  

Someone was tired and not in the best mood.  

I'm not a fan of rides but my girls would ride ANYTHING.  

One of our friends from church is working in a show.  So we were excited to see her.  I haven't ever been to a show there and it was really fun.  Will Holden even loved it.  (It helps that he got popcorn to eat).  

Madison is the cutest saloon girl.  If you are at SDC - you have to go see her!!!! 

It was even pleasant for a picnic lunch.  Normally in July you would sweat bullets.  Of course we had also ridden the raft ride early and got SOAKED.  

We left around 3 and made a quick stop at the Short Stop in Garfield.  It is this gas station in the middle of no where and they have HUGE ice cream cones (these are the baby size.  Smaller than small).  

This was my favorite trip to Branson since we have had kids.  It was relaxed and we just enjoyed being together.  I loved having a mini vacation together as a family! 

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