Thursday, August 23, 2018

Some things

This week we started back to activities.  We are keeping them at a minimum this year at least to start with so both girls started piano on Monday.  Hollis is playing soccer and that's it for now.  We are loving having more free time to ride bikes and play outside and read and chill.  Thankfully - our school doesn't give homework so we are really able to enjoy our time in the afternoon.  

This boy and I have been enjoying our last week of being home together.  He always wakes up saying "What are we doing today?" 

Tomorrow is my sweet friend Rachel's birthday.  I had our group over for breakfast on Tuesday to celebrate.  It was last minute and my house wasn't perfect and normally that would stress me out - but I know my friends would rather come and relax and visit than to sit in a perfect home.  We had the best time catching up.  

Only a week and a half in to school and Hollis has already caught a bug.  ugh.  She was home sick yesterday and is home again today with fever.  I hope it's a quick little virus that doesn't spread. 

This boy had his open house at preschool on Wednesday.  We met his teacher and saw his class room.  

His teacher is so sweet and we are ready for Friday! 

I shared this on instagram yesterday but I will share here also. 

This morning I lost at least 7 years off my life. 
About 10 min after our school started - I started getting texts and FB alerts that there were at least 30 cops all over our school and they were on lockdown from a possible gun shot. I can’t explain the panic I experienced. Thankfully it turned out to be a metal bathroom door that fell off the hinges and made a loud noise. 
This isn’t a post to debate gun control or public school. This is a post that I want to say how extremely grateful I am to have all my babies with me tonight. I’m also so thankful for a school staff who responded quickly and were well prepared. For teachers who kept our kids safe and held scissors and other things to protect them. For Harper’s teacher who just kept quoting scriptures in her head to stay calm and keep smiling so Harper was never once scared. And for our police who were there in 3 minutes and ones like the lady officer who arrived first and ran into the school with no hesitation. 
There are heroes and goodness all around us. Like Mister Rogers said “look for the helpers” and today I witnessed some pretty amazing ones.

The picture above is Harper and her principal.  Her principal texted me that picture around lunch time and I was SO thankful to see that sweet face.  

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